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General Rules

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A Master From Germany
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Jul 8, 2007
Where The Snakes Are
INTP Forum General Rules of Conduct

This is not a democracy. Whilst members' views are sought and welcomed, they do not decide the administration of the forum.

01/ Don't be a nuisance.

02/ No Trolls. No Flaming. No attacks on personalities or groups. No Spam. No Porn links.

03/ There is no censorship of ideas, no matter how distasteful, apart from the obvious: this includes, but is not limited to porn, offensive images, spamming/trolling, illegal software links, advertising, and links that don't follow the conversation at hand. These posts may be edited or deleted by a mod, and in all cases the mod will always mark this in the post or thread itself and sign off. However no-one will ever alter another's posts, except in these instances ( or to correct annoying titles ).

04/ Offensive user-names, user-titles, avatars and signatures shall all be changed at discretion, especially in the case of harassment of another member. Repeated offences will incur withdrawal of any of relevent item. Other than that any user-title may be chosen (or changed by the user using the request feature ).

05/ Offenders may be given warnings; these do not incur an automatic penalty. The moderation team may ban any repeated offender after discussion; but a gross offender may be banned instantly by any mod or admin. The admin team will always back up any decision made. Requests to be banned will not be entertained.

06/ Both being annoying, and/or posting fluff ( including trivia, harrassment of individuals, and overexcitement ) will restrict the member concerned to post in Siberia for a time decided by the mod concerned.

07/ Threads are moved at the mods discretion, but this, as with all actions by mods, may be clearly indicated at the time by the mod concerned if not obvious.

08/ Mods and admins will not read any other member's Private Messages; posters will not quote Private Messages from others in the forum without the permission of the sender, this includes PM's from mods and admins.

09/ Edit/Deletes: Mass editing/deleting of posts is not allowed. If you choose to leave the forum your posts will stay behind. Exceptions can be made for personal blog threads.

10/ Attacks on mods are against the member's best interest; but should one be attacked, that individual shall not adjudicate their own case.

11/ Basic: Remember to tick the 'Remember Me' box when logging in to the forum. There are no ranking or rating systems used here to grade members.


These take precedence over any additional rules promulgated.​


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Today, 13:23
Jun 7, 2008
The wired
Anthile's First Addendum (Secondary Rules):

Revised for redundancy and numerical consistency.

12/ Do unto others as they would do unto themselves.

13/ Personal insults will not be tolerated. These include attacks on origin, language, race, religion, political worldview or gender, but are not limited to these points.
Not all insults are equal. Punishment and duration are at the discretion of the staff.

14/ Multiple accounts are not allowed without prior approval of the staff and forum transparency. Unapproved accounts will be banned.

15/ Proxies are not allowed without prior approval of the staff. Unapproved accounts will be banned.

16/ Users will not quote Private Messages from others in the forum without the permission of the sender. This includes PMs from mods and admins. This applies also to other forms of communication between two users like instant messaging, IRC queries, etc..

17/ Repeated violation of forum rules will result in banning.

18/ Use the search function. Avoid trivia and fluff in the more serious sections of the forum. Avoid double postings. Avoid threads with topics which already exist. The staff will move, merge or delete such content.

I have to tell you that the amount of (personal) insults for which we had to give warnings and infractions increased significantly in the last days and weeks.
This creates just unpleasant tension and a hostile atmosphere.
And I think no one here wants to be in such a forum, right?

There is a line between being harsh or critical and just insulting.
We have members from all over the world, we come from different cultures and we all have different backgrounds. Often we are not able to estimate how other people see our postings. Experts say that 40% of the meaning in text messages get lost.

Three hints:

1. Think about how others could perceive your postings. Could you formulate it less hostile?

2. Communicate with each other. Oh, how many wars and feuds are the results of simple misunderstandings? Put your pride aside and ask "Say, did you really mean it this way?". Also, to apologize can also be an option.

3. Respect each other. Even if you really dislike someone, there is no need for being insulting.

4. Even if someone insults you, stay cool. Revenge is a wheel that spins backwards.

Undesireable Behaviours Generally Considered Noxious

A Comprehensive (But Not Exhaustive) List

The first rule of INTPforum most elegantly states: "Don't be a nuisance." Yet over the years an accursed sense of doubt has plagued the minds of the members. This vexing conundrum has been the downfall of wise and foolish alike. Few seem capable to grasp its elusive answer. They wonder, hands wringing in despair: what, indeed, is a nuisance?

The present list has therefore been compiled to banish this plague forevermore.

In Discussion and General Behaviour

Strawmanning and ad-hominem-ing
Pettiness, nitpicking and hairsplitting
Condescension, dismissal and hubris
Passive agression
Harassing forum members
Baiting forum members
Endless obsession with a specific subject
Close-minded dogmatism and proselytising
Incapacity to spell, use punctuation, paragraphs, or write coherent sentences

In Threads & Posts:

High-frequency of low-substance posting
Me-too threads/posts without substance
Necroing threads frivolously
Constant adolescent relationship drama
Attention whoring threads
Abusing image memes
Useless or unfunny one-liners
Largely incoherent posts of excessive length
Spilling out arguments and personal feuds over unrelated threads

Towards Moderators:

Deceitfulness and duplicitousness
Free-speech whining about moderation
Obstinate, ill-informed defense of the damned
Dragging mods into personal feuds
Dissing, pestering or otherwise hampering mods

Any of these can result in warnings, temp-bans or perma-bans at a moderator's discretion, depending on the degree and frequency of offence.

Members are encouraged to help curb these behaviours through community warnings.
Members are also expected to report posts/members considered a nuisance to moderators. Moderators are not omniscient.

For any question or comment, the active mods/admins can be found here.


think again losers
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Tomorrow, 03:53
Mar 17, 2011
I'm adding an update in light of recent drama.

Members are not to provoke others with the intent of having their reaction attract the attention of the mods. Both baiter and baited will be held accountable for any break-outs that ensue.


think again losers
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Tomorrow, 03:53
Mar 17, 2011
Second amendment:

If you want to express an opinion that marginalises another group, you are still free to do so. However, if you truly believe your thoughts are worth sharing after considering the cost of implicitly attacking another group, then you are required to back up that opinion with evidence.


think again losers
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Tomorrow, 03:53
Mar 17, 2011
For the sake of expediting moderation, I'm going to clarify this rule:

posters will not quote Private Messages from others in the forum without the permission of the sender, this includes PM's from mods and admins
If you PM a mod for moderation, and there is no reason the mod shouldn't share that PM with the other mods, it is assumed that mod has permission to share this PM for the purposes of moderation only.
Reasons include any indication on the part of the messenger that they don't want this shared, or just common sense (for example, in the instance that it's a highly private matter that doesn't require the attention of other mods).

So please, assume that if you are talking to a mod about moderation, that you are talking to all of us unless you explicitly request otherwise.


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Apr 3, 2012
Images in signatures that are excessively large or distracting shall be placed under a spoiller, and in any case are subject to removal at mods discretion.
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