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INTP-compatible groups

Sensi Star

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Today, 12:48
Sep 16, 2010
It is quite obvious to me that the general nature of INTPs is in great conflict with the characteristics that American Capitalist culture prefers in it's citizens.

In your opinion/theory...

1) What cultures/societies globally is the nature of INTPs inherently most compatible with and why?

2) What social niches / special interest groups within the USA is the INTP nature more compatible with and why?

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"you're a poet whether you like it or not"
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Today, 09:48
Sep 22, 2008
The Maze in the Heart of the Castle
In question 1 I think it should be "are" instead of "is". Driving me nuts over here...

I was thinking about my answer when I ran across a problem. INTP-compatible groups tend to have INTPs in them! And then the question arises: is the group INTP-compatible because of the inherent nature of the group & the non-INTP members, or is it INTP-compatible because there are other INTPs in it?

From personal experience, within the US:
  • Programming groups are highly INTP-compatible. Programmers are a bunch of NTs & STs, with a bias towards I, N & T. Programming is intrinsically a lonely, creative and rational endeavor.
  • Board game groups. Not the endurance boards games (epically long board games that have less strategy-- like Axis & Allies), but shorter and tactic/strategy-intense board games. Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Ticket to Ride and the like. Also card games. I think Settlers of Catan is especially INTP-compatible because there is a strong people-skills and negotiation emphasis in the game, which forces INTPs to interact to get what they want.
  • Art groups! I went to a gallery showing and had an enjoyable time talking to artists. I was there with a photographer who was displaying some of his art, and he's also a *NTP.
  • Burning Man. Burning Man takes all types, but I think there's an emphasis towards Ns, with a general acceptance of all types. I felt very at home at Black Rock City, and I'm going back in a week!!! When I moved to Seattle, I made my first friends at a regional Burning Man event.

Outside of the US, things get trickier. I think you can look for societies that have a lot of intellectual activity and value those aspects. Or societies that have some recognition that some people want to be introverted & obsessive about intellectual pursuits. In some cultures, introverted & obsessive meant going into the priesthood or becoming a lawyer. In Japan, being an INTP would probably fit in very nicely to the culture.

I think in general there has to be an acceptance for people to be a little bit weird or off. I'm not sure if highly religious countries would be capable of handling that. Countries that value objectivity & abstractness would cultivate INTPs well.
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