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New Orleans and Jazz


empirical miracle
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Feb 22, 2015
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Recently, I went on vacation to New Orleans. I'm a fan of jazz, so the trip was great. This thread will document my trip, the culture, and the music.

You can't go a day in New Orleans without hearing When the Saints Come Marching In. I went to a jazz club, the Preservation Hall. It was small and relaxed. The band was amazing, and the guys had an amazing sense of humour. The singer pretended to forget the lyrics to O Tannenbaum, so he just sang "O Christmas Tree" the whole time. Everyone joined in, clapped along, and started singing the same three words with him. The trumpeter's name was Will Smith, so after shaking his hand I can now say I've met Will Smith. I bought a CD from them. New Orleans jazz is great. There were statues of jazz legends, like Al Hirt and Louie Prima. The music is very powerful, and it's stunning how it brings the city together in one common taste. You could find bands on the side of the road playing, and it was really cool. I loved how one shop, during the day, just blasted Walking On Sunshine. I wasn't expecting tha

Food section! Po' Boys are great. I tried a shrimp one, and then a smoked sausage one. They're seriously some of the most amazing sandwiched in existence. I went to Cafe Du Monde as well. Beignets, French pastries with powdered sugar, are amazing. I also tried a coffee from there, and it was solid. Definitely high quality, but I'm not much of a coffee guy.

It was a very historical city as well. Jackson square was cool. I also saw the building where the Louisiana Purchase was signed. I took a carriage ride, and the driver and his mule went around town, exhibiting the architecture and history of the city. The driver was very chill, and he added some humor to the ride to make it interesting. I went to Lafitte's, a blacksmith shop turned bar where Andrew Jackson hired pirates to fight the British. There was no contract, it was all settled on a handshake. It's a bad-ass little building, because it withstood floods and hurricanes, and it housed pirates.

The night life is sort of scary, though. Voodoo shops aren't hard to find. They're very eerie, even though it's only positive magic they say they have. You'd find altars and statues that you could never take pictures of, as the spirits would lose power from it. I followed what the signs said, because I'm not getting haunted. I found a dude asking for money, broadcasting the fact that he was going to use it for alcohol. At least he was honest. There were vagrants in lots of different places. Thankfully, I can easily tell which ones are legit. That way, I was able to help the people who really needed it. Everyone was so happy whenever they'd get the money they needed, and it was touching.

I thus conclude my experience in the city of New Orleans. The Music section was the best place I could put this thread, because I don't think we have a travel section. Feel free to share your own stories or start discussions on New Orleans culture.
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