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Yesterday, 15:50
Dec 12, 2009


Interesting, I like how the wrist is actuated, on mine it's just a hindge because I wanted to save space for the finger actuators, and the use of wood is a great idea too, much cheaper than aluminium. There's still two problems with the hand though, it can make a fist just fine but the thumb needs to be able to move in a inward/outward motion so the thumb tip can touch the finger tips, as is it's only suitable for grasping large objects in a motion that dosen't even reqire the thumb. Also there's only four finger actuators so the fingers can't move sideways (fingers together, fingers apart) or move without closing (like pressing down on a piano key with a straight finger) both of which seem like trivial motions but are essential for any kind of in-hand dexterity.

I'm using fishing line and elastic so the finger actuators can be in the forearm, I've got six in there thus far, might be able to get another two in, plus the heavy "gripping" actuator which is hooked up to all the fingers and there's one more in the hand to help control the thumb.

Anyway did anyone else get a little creeped out?
I like to think I'm pretty accustomed to the uncanny valley but a skull with eyeballs that talks and waves around really big skeletal hands, that's way down there.
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