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Shadow types


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Today, 17:24
Oct 2, 2010
Sorry for rehashing this topic but I am trying to identify shadow types based on various personality theories.

Eight INTP functions (in order)

Beebe/Berens shadow for INTP
ENTJ: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

Lenore Thomson (also Quenck's "In the Grip")
ESFJ: Fe-Si-Ne-Ti

Most of the forum threads related to shadow types tend to degenerate into a discussion of personal experience ("I act like this or that"). Trying to pinpoint theory for each INTP shadow type assignment.

Any others?


lust for life
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Today, 15:24
Aug 12, 2010
California, USA
Ah :/, you brought this up at a time when my theory is still in its premature stage.

Anyway here are the possible shadows(disregarding mirror effect):

According to my observations:

  • ISTP when in social situations that aren't engaging (Ne/Se distinction is invisible)
  • ENTP when energized by discussion of ideas (Ti is suppressed)
  • INFP when in love, infatuated or deeply emotional (Ti is exchanged for Fi)
  • ISFP when inspired by immoral acts, or words. (Ti-Ne ego is suppressed by Fi-Se superego)
I haven't looked at Ni and Te yet, because I don't know which one takes the dominant role. Also, ESFJ shadow is more of a reaction to heavy stress, I think it's impossible to consciously appear as one.

I like to order the functions as [TiNe][SiFe][FiSe][TeNi], it's the way the model A is in Socionics and I think it's pretty accurate.


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Tomorrow, 07:54
Mar 22, 2008
Your shadow type is just the opposite to your primary function. INTP's primary is iT, so their shadow type is eF.
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