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  • Animekitty
    Animekitty replied to the thread Semi-Supernatural.
    I was having blackouts. My niece suddenly appeared 6 feet left of me. When I went to the Hospital I was seeing code. On the walls and...
  • Animekitty
    consciousness is oriented. It has direction. There is perception an judgment. These are where the orientation/direction is. Subdivided...
  • ZenRaiden
    ZenRaiden replied to the thread Moral Values.
    In way yes humans decide values the way they do, because they are human. Part it is how we live as collective creatures and part...
  • ZenRaiden
    ZenRaiden replied to the thread Should we make excuses?.
    This is between you and your father. If you like direct honest language then simply use such communication with your father. That is if...
  • Niclmaki
    Niclmaki replied to the thread Moral Values.
    “...for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” - Hamlet, Shakespeare As to the deconstructing of religious...
  • ZenRaiden
    ZenRaiden replied to the thread what is existence?.
    Do you have some thought disorder? You seem to be unable to follow your own thoughts. Often in these threads you ask things and it looks...
  • ZenRaiden
    Are we talking physics here, because I would like to see the textbook you are quoting here.
  • sushi
    he was against quantum mechanics as far as my knowledge goes, at least skeptical and cynical towards it.
  • sushi
    some people can empathsize but just not give a damn, others cant because of their brain structure etc. its more due to extremely self...
  • ZenRaiden
    ZenRaiden replied to the thread Can autists be intuitive?.
    The whole sensor vs intuitive divide is very theoretical really. What MBTI really means is what you have a strength and what you do...
  • onesteptwostep
    Genesis by Moses.
  • i actually searched for "are intps assexual" bc im always concerned by it, people seem to forget that these people exist. i don't think...
  • ZenRaiden
    ZenRaiden replied to the thread Dark thoughts.
    The dark oh so dark. OK let me in. OK so you want my bad person thoughts? I know humans are kind of great creatures. We endured a lot...
  • Crassulaceae
    Crassulaceae replied to the thread About you?.
    What is your name? The name is Kristoffer Where are you from? Coming from the Philippines, Davao City How old are you? I17 What's...
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