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  1. INTJ Forum Member

    Haha. Well, I disagree about the efficiency of the space usage. If you're talking about forum topics, those are more generalized. However, you unlock different subforums when you reach certain numbers of posts. As far as options, INTPf has more customization. :)
  2. INTJ Forum Member

    Yes. And thank you! I retract my comment on the layout :P
  3. INTJ Forum Member

    Haha, I guess that's good. But it's nice to have some harsh people to keep you from deluding yourself with a false sense of grandeur, eh? :)
  4. INTJ Forum Member

    Hello. I'm Pierce. I welcome myself to the alley. I'm originally an INTJf member, and you can find me there most of the time: www.intjforum.com I don't want to be rude, but I have to admit that INTJ Forum's layout is a lot more appealing than this. Honestly, I'm a little disappointed by this...
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