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Admirable Complexities

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  • Special special.

    Not lacking more or less chromosomes.
    I have no doubt that you have the
    proper amount.
    You are special.
    Forever and ever and ever.

    I suppose it does cause water
    to trickle down my body. Fair
    Oooh, you're right, I did.

    Chico means boy.
    Are you a boy?
    Chica means girl.
    Perhaps I should
    have used chica.

    Sometimes I throw up
    in the shower. Is that sexy?

    I had my hair piled on top of my head
    and was squeezing it to expel all
    moisture. No massaging of scalp.
    I know you know what chico means.

    I was rinsing shampoo from my hair
    at the time. So don't think it was
    sexy thinking.
    I take long showers.
    I think about everything.

    We can pretend you're
    special if you'd like though (:

    This entire time I thought your user name
    was Admiral Complexities and then last
    night in the shower I realized it was really
    "admirable" complexities.
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