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  1. ahugenerd


    I took the assessment for fun, and I registered an account here for the same reason. I have lurked other MBTI forums and they were all abysmal. What type do you think I am? INTJ or not, I'm beginning to think I should focus more on systems. I will see how card counting works out.
  2. ahugenerd


    My mind, body and hairline are already deteriorating at a faster rate than most at my age, so I try not to let age become a factor in anything. How would your ideas of the world change if you are, in the normative sense, limited, but free to do anything else?
  3. ahugenerd

    What makes a subject or question philosophical?

    It starts with the question "what is wisdom?" Then you ask, "what pertains to the study of wisdom?"
  4. ahugenerd


    10 bucks for a career counseling appointment. It's also why I feel mysteriously drawn to artistic, conventional and investigative pursuits.... For 3, I would say sex, music, waffles, the occult, violence, sociopathy, and systems exactly in that order. Little to no interest in drugs anymore, and...
  5. ahugenerd


    Now a question for you: don't you think Waffles and music go hand in hand? :D:D:D
  6. ahugenerd


    1. Likewise! 2. Nice try!! 3. YES
  7. ahugenerd


    TheHabitatDoctor: Specifics, please. Nick: 8 for versatility, creativity and utility.
  8. ahugenerd


    None of them, evidently. I thought the runes, thor's hammer, iron cross, and priest emoticon were all part of an elaborate inside-joke.
  9. ahugenerd

    Your college experience

    I avoided making friends and partied with people from high school. I dropped dozens of courses, failed one programming course, switched majors back and forth, transferred once, and now I'm finishing with a degree in philosophy from a world renowned math and engineering school. After finishing...
  10. ahugenerd

    Care To Type Me?

    YOu're an INTP.
  11. ahugenerd


    You seem like an appropriate person to ask about the whole Nazi motif. As I type, I can see at least four symbols that could be on a Nazi uniform decorating the forum. Is it a seasonal thing? Edit: Thanks for all the warm welcomes!
  12. ahugenerd

    Consciously choosing your influencers

    For some, it is not that easy.
  13. ahugenerd

    I Am A Comedian and Cannot Figure Out My Type; INTPs seem to be the most accurate typers.

    They should add "The Comedian" to a lesser, more comprehensive assessment. The Keirsey Temperament sorter or the Big Five, perhaps?
  14. ahugenerd


    Hello everyone.
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