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  1. What happened to intpforum?

    This forum used to have mods that were invested in having quality content, but then these mods were harangued at every step by various users who found this too authoritative and wanted to have absolute liberty to say anything they want. Unsurprisingly, the people who once had a vested interest...
  2. Censorship and Kormak

    Please don't go losing your marbles over lil ol Angel. @Inexorable Username, I happen to be quite witty. I just can't help it. :D I must bid you good night and leave you to brew your conspiracy theories.
  3. Censorship and Kormak

    clears throat Excuse me, but this is a free forum, and I am within my rights to express my opinions. Or are you going to say I need to be gasp censored?
  4. Censorship and Kormak

    Are you going to challenge the offender to a duel, the old fashioned way? This guy Kormak will be the maiden and you shall defend her honor?
  5. Censorship and Kormak

    Well dude, I literally do not owe you any kind of explanation as to who I am. You can think whatever you want, and I do not care. Apropos, that is quite the weighty philosophical question there, so the actual answer may be: I don't know. :D If you wanna fill your time with idle speculation, I...
  6. Censorship and Kormak

    I meant to say genetic superiority. Which is what you said in an earlier post. However, racial superiority came out, since my thought process is along the lines of belief in genetic superiority is the slippery slope that leads toward saying x is better than y. Not that I believe you think x is...
  7. Censorship and Kormak

    Okay, I surrender. I am no match for the detectives of this forum raises hands Yes, I was sent here specifically to troll Inexorable User name! Muahahaha! Is this what you want to hear?
  8. Censorship and Kormak

    Yikes. Rebis looked up my account information because you suggested , or rarther asked them whether they think I was another member that you apparently have a conflict with. Either way, I am guessing you're upset because you can't justify you paranoia and the whole 'genetic superiority is a...
  9. Censorship and Kormak

    I'm not anyone who postd here. There's no big reveal there I'm afraid. I'm also not even sure whether this forum is a fever dream or not. I just like picking at views an statements that don't make sense. :)
  10. Censorship and Kormak

    I have never interacted with IU prior to posting in this thread.
  11. Censorship and Kormak

    I'm not an admin, but yes I am pretty ancient. Thanks for noticing. If Inexorable Username thinks someone let an account sit for 10 years just to pick on them specifically, well that's more than a little paranoid.
  12. Censorship and Kormak

    Is championing free speech compatible with thinking you "own" a thread?
  13. Censorship and Kormak

    I don't know what your race and gender is. But I do find than Americans in general have this quite frankly naive idea that freedom of speech is super important and that they have all this spunk about it.
  14. Censorship and Kormak

    Because hypotheticals are interesting. How would you measure it?
  15. Censorship and Kormak

    I'm guessing you don't like the implication of your own statements.
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