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  • Funny.. You seem to both type and think, in the exact same way as an ENTJ friend of mine. VM's must be made rather short, so perhaps we should move to pm if you are interested in MBTI chat. We can talk about functions and our views. I have never seen any evidence or any reason, to consider shadow functions as something serious. The functions test is not worth a lot.. Tests should serve mainly as introduction to MBTI. But let me know if you are interested in debating you/your functions/MBTI , and I can send you a pm or vise versa, if you would be interested in that :)
    Thank you :) feel free to send a pm, as the visitor messages only allow a certain amount of characters
    Here I thought that procrastination would lead you to forum activity = p.

    I am curious though; As you believe yourself to be more P(if we say that you can be P/J) than most INTJs (a fair assumption/fact), do you believe this to affect your use of INTJ functions or how is this shown in your person ? :)
    oh.. I though I had already posted a visitor message here.. Must have forgotten to press 'post' then. It's good to have more INTJs here, so I hope you will keep posting :)
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