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  • I don't do any real programming, just a few web languages, but that's my favorite part too -- the blank slate. My biggest problem is a long, ongoing project because as I learn more, my urge to just wipe the whole thing and start over more elegantly is overwhelming. I could just buckle down and refactor, but meh.
    I understand your feeling completely. I feel like it takes a heroic amount of effort to get out of bed each day as well. If I only had myself to care for, I think I'd appear far less driven. What kind of programming are you looking to learn?
    It's had an ebb and flow of good conversation. For my interests, we're experiencing a famine, but things change. How's your year been?
    My career path has been a series of coincidences that pay the bills. I mean, I always work hard to ensure that I am competent and that I'm getting something out of my work beyond money, but I don't want to be a counselor forever. I've been at it over a year now, so if I had my druthers, I'd be on to something new at the moment.

    The longest goal I've had (going on 12 years) is that someday I want to be a potter. I love working at the wheel, I love the smell of wet clay, I love working to get just the right mineral mixture for pretty glazes, and the warmth of the kiln is welcome even in summer. But it's a very expensive, time-consuming hobby, so I have to wait until I have the time and money to support it.
    Neither! :D
    I don't regret my path (though I could have wished for fewer bumps), but I don't know if I'll ever be satisfied. I think I'll always want to do, see, and learn more. Besides, if you forgive the cliche, I look to the future because that's where I'm going.

    How would you like your life to be?
    I don't feel very successful, we barely cover our bills, and that's without making a dent in my student loans. I just bumble along, trying to collect experiences the way I collect information. It sounds cool, and I am fine with it, but it's really just restlessness. I certainly don't consider myself driven. I do, however, value what independence I have, and I take my responsibilities seriously (even while trying to reduce them!)

    If you poke around, though, you will bump into a few successful INTPs here. Most of them are older.
    I read a bit, but less than I used to. I like seem to be most drawn to Russian classics. I could say the same with music too, I love Russian modern classical music. None of this is on purpose, though. It's just something I've noticed.

    I like to collect and draw maps, I like to write and study random things, and I like to explore. But I don't have a lot of time for that stuff anymore. My INTJ and I have an IT business occupying home time, and I have a career on top of it. This forum has been helping me to break away from the demands of the real world for a few minutes here and there.
    Both and neither. I try to guide them to take personal inventory of themselves, change the things they're unhappy with, and allow their strengths to shine through.

    Counseling is tough, though. Putting that much energy into another person is draining, and when you have to be emotionally present, it's doubly so. Then there's the paperwork.

    What do you do for your hobbies, specifically?
    I can understand that, but I think the search for absolute truth can lead to dissatisfaction. I suspect that no such thing is available with the data on hand. But trying to get as close to the truth as possible is a reasonably noble cause :)
    "The neutral observer mindset also makes it so that I tend not to have strong opinions on things one way or the other, and I usually don't speak in absolutes. Instead I use phrases like "tend to" or "usually"."

    In writing, I often edit out my personal lack of conviction, but I have the same problem in real life. It even extends to my own memory -- I'm "pretty sure" and I "probably did" whatever. Speaking in absolutes is stressful and disconcerting because how can one ever be completely sure of anything?
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