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  • Electric Piano. 88 key graded hammer full piano keybord, not an electronic synthesiser.

    Damn, posted that almost a month ago. Sorry for not replying, I dont check my profile page very often.
    Haha, now that is pretty weird and uncanny :-) I do these forums in bursts. Im interested for a couple of days then I leave it for a month or two, and then come back and find that people have been trying to talk to me. heh, lol

    The elitist idea is more superiority by notoriety. Its quite possible that the end result is the same, but I prefer to view the rogue side of things being the underdog. Im pretty quiet, stick to the shadows, try not to get noticed too much. So Im not sure, what would you call that? Superiority Incognito? I know Im competent, I just don't care whether other people know it or not. That said, Im probably not the most streetsmart person out there. But what the hell, its my fiction and I'm sticking to it :-)
    Hahaha, this is a weird coincidence. The day I check on your profile is the day you accidentally reply to my message on your own profile many months later.
    But doesn't that mean you aren't technically a rogue, but just another elitist?;)
    Eeek, not checking up on my person profile enough. :-|

    Eh, well, I just felt that I was always hacking around with coding and software and gadgets. I needed a name that was a bit unique in the world so I wouldnt have to go around inventing usernames like Zaphod2756442. And so BitRogue was born :-)

    Bit = coding, software and all things digital
    Rogue = Anti structural and anti authoritarian. (Needless to say, I'm against Apple and Microsoft and do all things Linux :-) )

    What is a bit-rogue then?

    Software, or something more intriguing?

    I'm thinking some sort of brutish, virtual assassin
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