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  • I'm not sure if you've improved, or you're putting in a more conscious effort (or both I suppose), but your writing has been much better of late. I just thought that, since you received so much flak about it for quite some time, I should give credit where it is due.
    you weren't only kind to yourself but also condescending to cherry cola. i replied in accordingly.

    i agree about the rest.
    I have to make some corrections for you. I can't help myself.

    Fallow =
    1, Fellow. A friend or co worker. A person.
    2, Follow. Follow the leader.

    To help improve your English. :) Your posts are very understandable though.
    Relax from the subject. Atm I have no time to post. Tomorrow I might, or probably will. I have tons of arguments to conclude you not being an INTP. Ha! :D So be patient.
    You shouldn't argue against people their conclusions within the thread you've made. Let them explain their POV. For instance, you are saying: "I logically decided ..." Does not conclude T>F at all. I make all my decisions with that what I refer to as logic. That doesn't make me a T type however.
    I wish to stop this discussion asap with peace for the sake of avoiding derailment. If I'm going to respond the following: "But the fact that you imply me to be arrogant is nonsense. You shouldn't involve other people in threads merely by a matter of opinion."

    Would you leave it at that?
    Well to be honest I have no clear idea on how to pinpoint it. But we think in similar patterns if that makes any sense :P
    Let it be known, that I don't try to sabotage or attack your thread. I merely want to share my understanding.
    what do you mean with: "I Stand corrected your just proved me wrong."

    I'm stoned
    Thanks for sharing so much. Gave me a bit of a tear, I admit. All hits close to home.

    I don't think I have the kind of patience your mother must have had. Seems like heartbreak every day, but if others have made it... gives me reason to persist.
    Thanks for your mention of how you and your family managed ADHD. At another time, I'd be interested to hear more, if there's more to tell.
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