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  • Precisely. The only thing in our path is the INTJs ego, and breaking it down truly is an enigma.
    I may have come across as harsh in the thread, but that's basically because I was pointing out the faults of the INTJ quite exclusively. Can the types help eachother? That is really up to the INTJ. If they continue to see us as threats to their egos (they can be very ego-driven if left unchecked) we really can't do anything for them. If they however were to develop the playful attitude to their surroundings that we. the INTP, have, not taking things personal, we could be great assets to one another. We could be the depth-perception of the thought. I however have not been successful in reaching this harmony with my friend, but only simulated it by posing scenarios and so on, which is to say impersonal matters. They have great abilities buried in them, and I think we're the only type that can really pull those out of them.
    Cinna wouldn't happen to be a reference to the Hunger Games, would it?
    Ooh. As you've never painted before, the paintings are a pretty good start, you'll get more refined as you go. Art is really just training through repetition to gain experience, mostly.
    I dig where 'Mutant Stairs' is going. Oh, and the pictures with beautiful light. I like making photos of plants and trees and such on sunny days like that too.
    All kinds, I guess it best falls under the category of surreal/psychedelic.

    Here's an example.
    And another one.
    And another one!
    And yet another one!
    Although those weren't inspired by Bavari yet. And the last one is already 2 years old.
    What kind of art do you make?
    Eh?!? Due to the long span of time, I have forgotten about that comment until you reminded me. >.<
    Nonrtheless, thanks for the response.
    thank you :]
    No, it wasn't. I just began drawing it at some point and just went with what felt right. I'm not sure how to explain it.
    But thanks once again :)
    Hmm well I don't have much technical knowledge of it myself, but still I've been meaning to make a thread about tech trends and transhumanism for some time now, so maybe one of these days if the planets align and the weather is nice I might do it. >_>
    I have done nothing for longer, and more profoundly, than you can imagine, mortal!!!

    *evil laughter fades into distance*
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