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  • Oh well, I wish you good luck, nobody has been able to get him so far. Don't let his conversations with you make you underestimate him, he's more evil than you may think.
    Be careful with Melkor, he's a 60 years old pedophile lurking the internet disguised as an INTP Irish. :)
    I haven't seen you on at all!D:

    Maybe we should like, let each other know via the forum, when we are available?
    Eh... Kinda on my phone at current.

    But I'm pretty sure you can get an msn account just by going to www.msn.com

    Then you can use that on ebuddy.

    Or, you can skip the msn part, and see if www.ebuddy.com is gmail compatible:3

    Ebuddy is good for this. Takes gmail/msn/yahoo etc:>

    To hell with oranges!

    I want lemons!!
    Bottom up approach of course!

    Rather than take them by surprise, we'll rule them before they're even aware of it!

    Can't we drop propaganda oranges?

    Imprinted with our glorious symbol and infused with drugs to make the population brain dead and obediant?
    You could have one analogue and the other digital! With a wink alternating them!

    Oh, also, you got msn or something? Talking via a single profile comment per day is difficult.:(
    Oh, erh... Yes, *our* armies sweetheart.


    I'd rather have my unstoppable army equipped with bow, sword and shield actually.

    Imagine the U.S militaries reaction to being abused by such an army^^

    Anyone can dye and re-dye their hair!

    I want naturally (unnatural) silver hair!

    oooh, I love the jewelled clocks idea, though if it was me, I'd go for a projection of single clock on each pupil. More stylish and meaningful.

    I don't want my armies to be *too* deadly.

    You know, I might get up some day and think 'Hell , I want to destroy my own army, stylishly, just for the craic of it!'


    Also, I want silver hair, can you arrange that?
    No! I don't want to break up with you!

    Just letting you know you can leave at any time! Giving you space:(

    Well, you concentrate on equipping the army, for I, devious as I am, have secured said Scientists research, and am in the process of raising an undead army to sastify our whims!

    Outside the bedroom, obviously. D:
    Mrm, sounds dark, I like:}

    I'm thinking of the dead marshes from Tolkienology here.

    Yes, and i imagine silver ink would be a bitch to laser remove if we ever break up:P
    Easy! I can just speed-talk like a cheap advert.

    Well, I want a clover obviously, with either some sort of demon eyes, celtic symboling or ancient script:D

    You may add what you like!

    I like the way you think sir:D

    Can we include an epic samurai-cowboy showdown, three sets of bear catrwheels, and the words 'This gold glitters, BITCH!' etched into the side of our vessel?

    We need matching tattoo's too!

    Oh, and for an added risque factor, we each choose each others tattoo placement!

    Can I have a pre-death speech prepared?
    But vibrant pupils are adorable!


    But which breed of orange!?

    Blood, tangerine or clementine?

    Aghhh! Too many possibilities!

    Lets just steal a boat, duel a master swordsman, escape tigers, befriend a xenomorph, destroy France, fall madly in love then drown as a result of our sheer deviancy!
    I have a white pair and a black pair!

    Dibs on the black though:D

    We can chase people and yell 'wow! It's so real! I CAN ALMOST FEEL IT!' while flapping out arms about.

    Together we can rule the world!

    Or at least, make it feel uncomfortable>>
    Sounds like a very sexy plan:D

    I hope I can wear my trenchcoat and 3-D glasses.

    It's funny how quickly conversations about oranges can descend into madness^^

    Nice to meet you by the way.

    They sell the forbidden fruit on ebay now?

    Why wasn't I told!?

    Yes, Cyber oranges are good, but real oranges can be used to inflict pain.:3
    Yeah, my birthday was mediocre too.

    How about we share a single birthday next year, hm?:D

    I want an apple.

    From Eden.

    Fair's-fair, I got you an orange, right?:3
    You did it wrong again?

    Good thing I'm sharp;D

    I trust your birthday was grand?

    They usually are so early in life!

    *hands you an orange*

    I saw this, and thought of you.:)
    Just a piece of advice. When someone writes on your profile, try to put the reply on their profile. It makes replying a lot easier, and you don't have to wait as much for replies. ;)
    Thank you! I finally got something I wanted for my birthday as well, a telescope! :O (take that Hubble space telescope, I will find the LGMs with my puny amateur telescope twice as fast as you can!)
    Agh! Sorry! I didn't realise you'd replied to the comment. You've posted it on your own profile.

    Thanks for your kindness, I'll be sure ti make an effort to force you to participate in the forum more.:3

    Also, happy birthday! You make me feel oldz>>
    Wow, I've never had that comment for my username before... :)
    It is hard to be happy, especially when you can see the faults and hopelessness in the world. I think it's especially hard for intuitive thinkers, as we are constantly thinking of future possibilities and coming up with ideas that can cause so much pain. To look past people's assuring smiles, and see a dark world of sadness behind it. Yet, there has to be some form of happiness in life, or else why are we here? All I can say is, I hope you feel better and hopefully you can be one of the lucky ones who discovers that genuine source of happiness (I know, I truly suck at these sorts of conversations... :/

    Your username reminds me of a space-age-multi-purpose-hooker character of mine that surgical implants to flavour his saliva like cherries.

    He was a heavy smoker of course, thus counteracting the effect, and saying much about him.

    It's hard to be happy.
    Yeah I know, even the simple ones... its amazing how paranoid the brain seems to get in a dark room (sleep) after watching those images... perhaps it's because it has nothing to concentrate on except the utter darkness... speaking of brains, today I just read an article on this man who forgot everything he would do each day... that would suck... talk about living in the moment! (sorry if that was random, I just found that interesting... I discovered it when I was suppose to be researching mononucleosis in health class :)
    Movies like that suck.

    I remember watching 10 horror movies in a day. Shit. Horror movies are never scary until you go to sleep. *shudders*
    yeah, whenever I watch a really gruesome movie like that I usually will go outside and take a walk alone, sometimes it helps... other times it lets my mind wander too much and I end up doubling my paranoia. I once saw this movie with this guy in an electric chair (and it showed everything- something went wrong with the chair- I was stuck with that feeling for like 2 days)
    SAW...ugh. I was more than a little disturbed by it...
    actually, "disturbed" is too mild of a word. Let's say paranoid. I was really afraid that I was going to wake up in the middle of an abandoned warehouse.
    The fact that only "bad" people were exposed to this gave me some solace, but I didn't want to take the chance...

    I don't really want to read any books about torturing for a while. I'm still trying to recover from that last book I read. I'm managing to sleep a little each night.
    Believe me, that book was utterly disturbing.

    I do not recommend that you read it. This time, curiosity will truly kill you.
    Is there a name for those large-scale pics? Those pictures that captures several details and that grandness/vastness of areas??
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