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  • You sent me a clothed version of "yourself" ?
    You're dirty, keep your clothes off, please, you're going to shock someone with your over the top outfits.

    Also, pooping is great.
    Ok, I'm not sure about the number of bathrooms but here in Portugal we love joking about taking dumps and pissing and stuff, there's also a big tendency to do it in the outdoors.

    Feels good man.

    Though there's still one thing that confuses me......the hat...what's so special about it? It surely must have some significance as to prevent you from going full out commando...right?
    I'm attracting furries... evidently I need a haircut, a shave, and some of that body hair removal stuff, lots of it.

    Meh fuckit, I'll just set myself on fire.
    Well y'see this guy laughed at my plans for cybernetic world conquest, I think he said he was by “berate’or” or something (my language recognition software was only 85% accurate at the time), anyway I wasn’t going to take that from a meat-bag like him so I killed him, separated his inners from his outers, and I'm now wearing it over my cybernetic endoskeleton.

    I quite like the goatee, don’t you? :borg:
    ughhhh i was vacationing in san fran for 5 days; just got back; I'm behind on my poetry. On the plus side, i got a bucketful of inspriation. I'll be ruthlessly criticizing some of your poetry soon too.
    hey cobra, thank you so much for posting. I lost my job yesterday... and today was my last day at work... your critique gave me 10 minutes of escape from the shithole my life is in right now.
    I didn't know cobra dudes were asexual. How is he going to prolong his race? Is he the last of a dying breed? Why hasn't the IUCN been informed?
    Indeed, my handwriting sucks, I wish someone would analyze it though... ;__; I have some serious issues with teachers.
    Now that I look at it, it's practically white. Quite pretty I suppose, however the sky is merely transient, whereas you can have the history of the entire world etched into layers of sediment.

    I think I shall enjoy this disease, I hope I'm contagious!
    (Below) INTP girls flood my personal profile page inflaming my narcissism day bidet.
    INTPgirlitis? Hmmm whatever could you mean?

    Also, rocks are cool so stfu. :D
    //embarrassed x]
    please stay tuned for the next one then- hopefully I can prove that I'm not that terrible at chess :P
    Haha, okay I found that thread. Yeah, in general the Science/Faith/Philosophy threads go on for SOO long, I just don't have the stamina to read all of it. I see that you're an active participate in the latest one, "christians unprepared". Kudos for that!

    ...maybe I just need to learn to skim posts better
    Twitter????? You are making my brain bleed. Yes I read the thread but I simply can't accept it. Loved your response to Blob though.
    Haha, good to hear that I'm appreciated! Yeah, I fooled cryptonia with my switcheroo too.

    Oh, my memory problems go further than the username operation! Every day changes who I am- so every day's memories is like the memories of someone else!
    Cobra!!!! Hey there! Great to see you back on the forum. I've missed you. Hope this isn't a fleeting visit and you bring back your unique flavour into the crazy mix.
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