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  • "if you were to delay pruning based on frequency of use that would be valid."

    I had an idea for this, Someone told me it was a boltzmann machine but i may not know the type it is.

    Trinary Temporal Node Network
    Loops must be used for real time updates of the system graph but that would take an environment to learn from to input the energy. Time is an issue as most automata are not based on real time but time steps of states. The speed of the virtual environment needs 200 steps to simulate one second so just as in the game of life speed is the number of steps one position to the next. A problem is that if it is based on time delays/loops it may be too plastic. That is why an initial shape needs to be set so it does not disintegrate
    How do you think higher level intelligence can be described? I have difficulty with raw processing power as i do not know what my ideas are good for(i lack means of testing them) what are your ideas?

    Scientists model human reasoning in the brain's prefrontal cortex

    My Virtual Brain Concept Explained
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