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  • Done now. Domine miserere nobis.
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  • I haven't played videogames in quite a while; but, I used to play virtua fighter, dead or alive, marvel vs. capcom, and street fighter. I grew up playing tekken and bloody roar but those are so slow compared to fighting games nowadays.
    Me? Cool? Heaven forbid...but if it lets me act as a duck might, I shall accept your confirmation.
    Post more, and I shall show you pleasures both earthly and heavenly, of this world and the next!
    *Retreats behind a brick wall with a viewing glass*

    I think I'm cool enough to be the duck. I hope so anyway...
    Oh, don't worry, I despise the phrase also, but Cegorach gives it new meaning. Nothing beats 'Jaysus christ!', ' sweet mary!' or ' fer gawds sake!`. Cows just don't cut it for blasphemy.
    Psh, now why would I settle for a measly two letters when I could use something as awful as 'mate','mucker' or 'babe'?
    You're meant to post on the other persons wall. That way they actually get a notification of your reply.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, we already have a Holy Cow around here.:)
    I'm sensing something strange from you. ENTP with a brother. Can you tell me your real name?
    Thanks xD
    I used to pot on here, but not since a long long time ago.

    I'm hardly even an ENTP. I'm almost 50-50 with I and E. the E is just SLIGHTLY higher.
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