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  1. creep

    I can't figure out this persons type. At all. Help?

    That sounds super boring and uninvolved, though. At least the second one.
  2. creep

    I can't figure out this persons type. At all. Help?

    May I ask more about your method? Is it something you can give a brief description of, or if you are comfortable, I would enjoy a detailed imparting.
  3. creep


    Oh my god, I was watching this yesterday, it's so good.
  4. creep

    Back by popular demand.

    I was here first, bucko. I may have been way less active but seniority rules here.
  5. creep

    I can't figure out this persons type. At all. Help?

    Interesting. I think you are definitely right on the last paragraph. I'm looking into some things about INFJ's and a lot of it does resonate with me... But so much of the things about INTPs do as well. Perhaps it as as you say - just a mixture in my case but more so INFJ. This is very...
  6. creep

    I can't figure out this persons type. At all. Help?

    Hm, interesting... I will do some research. How are you so certain of yourself being INFJ?
  7. creep

    I can't figure out this persons type. At all. Help?

    I'm highly interested in interpersonal relationships... I always have been. When I was younger I had a lot of trouble understanding people and I felt very much motivated to fix this. I enjoy sociology, psychology, and, to a lesser extent, anthropology. I find people more interesting than...
  8. creep

    I can't figure out this persons type. At all. Help?

    I also thought that but I thought it was odd since the personality type is rather rare. More than that, I guess I'm confused by their apathy about most things in their life so I think there's a lot of T, but, Fe just seems so pertinent in how they operate. However, they really just don't care...
  9. creep

    Do you guys forget passcodes, numbers after sharing it to someone?

    Actually, yes. I gave my ex-SO my PIN to put in and then I just like, I couldn't remember it for shit. I still barely can and that was over a year ago. I changed it, though. To what? Man, I don't know...
  10. creep

    I can't figure out this persons type. At all. Help?

    I don't typically try to type people because normally I don't care very much or find them easily understandable/digestable without delving any deeper. But I recently met someone and I'm having a lot of trouble. I've thought they were a fellow INTP, ISTP INTJ and maybe other things. Perhaps I'm...
  11. creep

    Back by popular demand.

    Really. I'm super popular. I thought it proper to make a new introduction thread since I haven't posted here in a really long time and I like to think I'm radically different. I'm very pleased to see this place still kicking.
  12. creep

    Maintaining friendships

    I kind of agree with Tony3d. I have a lot of 'friends' like that, but I prefer to think of them as simply people I know and occasionally, if the time is right and the mood strikes, speak to. I don't really consider them friends, regardless of how long I've known them. I've found out, that when...
  13. creep

    INTP writing style

    I adore superfluous language - well, there's a time and place for everything and most of the time, one can get away with it. I also appreciate style in an argument. I do have a personal style to my talking and writing. I've had people I've scarcely communicated with, asking me if certain...
  14. creep

    Your dark side

    I'd suppose my dark side would be my indifference and self-serving qualities. Well... that's not my dark side, however, these qualities breed darkness, you could say. On their own, they're fantastic, but... To be honest, I'm not sure why I call the things they call dark. Is that thought of my...
  15. creep

    What do you do when tired? (e.g. after school or work)

    Hm... Tired... When I'm sleepy, I sleep. Physically tired without sleepiness, I tend to just power down for about an hour or so. Not sleeping, but doing activities that require nothing at all, really.
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