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Recent content by crippli

  1. Give me the jabbie that removes every mention of my name and honestly please existence.

    I havent interacted much with you. But when I read this forum and I see your name I am instantly interested to read. I think it's your perspective on things.
  2. underground cities

    I think there are a lot of words used. But what could one do. What can one do? What is the humane way to threat an "animal" that is in "pain"? Is earth in pain? Or was this the point? Is there a problem?
  3. Bipolar and MBTI type

    Maybe make a list every day. Time evereything. I think you yourself might be the best friend.
  4. Should I take the third jab?

    I've been on a high risk. Not me. Avoided once. Otherwise quiet. I think it can be handeled. Vacsines are not the solution. Attitides/Needs are.
  5. Should I take the third jab?

    If you took two, and everything was fine. Why not take the third? Or tenth? For me, I don't like getting stung by any animal. I was stung many times this summer by wasps. I didn't like it. Might be an idiot. But I doubt covid would find me a nice person.
  6. What is the function/purpose of pain?

    Maybe because pain is somthing from the past. As per def. It will always be. Blood tests will always destry your nerves where they are taken. At least repeatably. A diabetic typically feel nothing in her/he fingers after some years with needles. Your choice. If one suffers. What can one do? I...
  7. INTPx Refugees

    Well. You should know. I am where I have always been, sort of. Maybe the forum software. Or I might have been drunk. Who knows. Dutch. Oh. Sounds clustered. Regardles. I hope you guys settle in. And see you later.
  8. What songs are you listening to? /III/

    Do I have to listen 5-6 times to understand this?

    Nev to me. What is it?
  10. INTPx Refugees

    Hi long time, Limey. Do you think there might be a reason why shit went sideways?
  11. Application of Game Theory in daily life

    You can not use "etc". For me that doesnt work.
  12. Man called me for advise(?) about his newborn with Down syndrome.

    Is it possible to do some resarch into the subject?
  13. Technological Determinism

    Ignoring capitalism. Whoever much I like the idea. Seams difficult. The shit is real.
  14. Best texts on psychology

    Ok. Is it gay?
  15. how to invent something

    Excacly. Something I didn't invent. But profitable.a propellor. They charge like 10 dollars (spesial material, for milk, for people). I made it for 0.1 doĺlars and less. One tiny setup 3d from china. It works. So if you need something. I can probably make it :). Plastic.ip to abs. Metal is not...
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