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  • Hey Doden! What makes you come back to the forum?
    Yeah, a friend I know knows MBTI quite well and he thought I matched the description quite well, Adymus agreed, and frankly it makes a lot of sense to me as well :)
    It seems odd to actually see someone praise this place. I get the feeling sometimes that people are growing tired of this place. And then they leave. It's sad when great people disappear. But I feel a bit hypocritical for complaining, as I'm hardly a very contributive member. Or maybe it's just me, maybe it's just the magic of finding a forum full of people like oneself wearing off.

    But it's good to see you back. How've you been?
    I see you are back. I remember you. Btw, asofterworld is awesome, I've followed it for a long time..
    Was just browsing through old forum threads thinking of all the awesome people who posted once but no more. Then I randomly clicked your profile to see when you had last been active, only to find out that you... seem to have returned. If that's not a good argument for solipsism, I don't know what is. Welcome back.
    Wow, that '11 songs to drown in a lake to' playlist is beautfiul. Really nostalgic.

    And yes sorry, message stalking ;)
    I repeat, you *has* good taste!


    Generally my avatars come from Final Fantasy seven or some manner of vile internet search for demon boyz.

    I have a strange mind i suppose.>>
    oops, i hit the word limit...

    eroticism is also a theme in much of akita's work. noise is analogous to pornography, as pornography is the manifestation of the unconscious libido of humanity, raw signals and feedback are the unconscious libido of machinery. uncovering the hidden voice of the machines is more expressive and interesting to him than using conventional instruments, and that also appeals to me.

    i guess on a visceral level it's ugly to most people, but that depends on taste and level of involvement. is your friend aware of other noise artists? i've met very few people who can enjoy them, but often they haven't been exposed to noise before, so they have no context - all they hear is abstraction, which either scares or bores them. for me, harshness and extremity can be satisfying, even necessary.

    ok i'll shut up now :P
    it was quite a bizarre, hypnotic gig - you come away a bit dazed by what you just experienced.
    it has slightly sinister and dark undertones that i enjoy, and the philosophy behind it is fascinating to me. akita describes it as an attempt at pure surrealist music, exploring the workings of the subconscious, and the significance of trance states, automatism, chance effects, the third mind - all things i have studied or been influenced by.

    i believe the name merzbow is derived from the kurt schwitters sculpture that i took my username from. as schwitters' "merz" art was constructed from discarded/useless junk, so akita would utilise broken or malfunctioning equipment, literally making music from the junk surrounding him.
    wow. think that's the first time i've ever been asked that question.
    yeah, i do. i saw mr akita play live once back in 2004; for some reason i remember him sitting motionless for 2 hours, wrangling the most insane sounds from his laptop, while beads of sweat dripped from his nose.
    Gee wiz!

    You have such a wonderful taste in art, I am almost jealous.

    I'm afraid I am entirely ignorant however, I have no idea who created the above mad genuis, or the strangely familiar, yet not linked to me in anyway I am aware, picture in your avatar.

    Bleh...anyways, I'm going to keep looking at it, because every few seconds I distinguish new forms, it's just one of those things that slowly reveals itself...

    I know what you mean, not quite sure why my avatar looks so nostalgic, but I believe it has to do with the sepia-ish colour scheme...

    As for my last one, it was plucked off of some random site, and sadly I can't remember the artists name. I'm now feeling guilty about this, and my usual practice of image theft to find avatars...

    Speaking of which, your avatar also caught my eye. Reminds me of the illustration on my old copy of The Hobbit.
    Apparently it's just tangents in general, though I have a feeling he's probably doing it to spite me.

    Aye, it's pretty much philosophy paint by numbers, up until essay time, and then essay time is write by sources. While I don't mind using sources, we generally tend to get shoe horned into picking a particular train of thought just so we can have the sources to back ourselves up and get marks.

    I generally tend to ignore everyone else in the class now. I just turn up to tune out. I used to pay attention but when people are asking questions related to points finished with and hour and a half ago, it seems pointless to contribute. Which is sad; I like taxing discussions.
    I didn't disappear for a few days, but I've been having a busy week, and I only really ever do one thing a day, and avoid doing anything else.

    I actually found out that I got marked down for going off on a tangent in my presentation. Apparently one of the major aspects of marking it involves the students ability to stay on topic, and I failed pretty badly at that.

    Generally we tend to just get given certain texts to read, get a seminar on the reading topic, then have a smaller tutorial group to discuss the topic as a whole. We generally aren't really taxed to do any major critical thinking, which annoys me slightly, because the whole course should be a focus on creating critical thinkers.
    Hi there. Thanks its one of my favourite album covers :) I don't own Starless and Bible Black but I'm sure I will come by it eventually; strangely the great deceiver is one of their live staple songs!
    I don't dislike metal as such I just don't like the stereotypical singer. Tool, Primus and Porcupine Tree are examples of some metal acts I like. I will be sure to youtube Death though as anything with excellant bass must be worth a try ;) I play the electric but I hope to learn double bass at some point, in between study its a bit difficult though, do you play any instruments? And whats your impression of the forum so far?
    Physics, chemistry, molecular biology, or some combination thereof. I've been accelerating in these areas as much as I can in high school, but the high school system makes that really hard. You can't even get a decent introductory calculus-physics course at the local community college. :/

    So I guess I would be pretty frustrated at St. John's without the advanced science & math. I still kinda want to go, though. It represents my ideal of undergraduate education.

    Here; I'm listening to some music. What do you think?
    It's not their best, but still pretty great in my opinion.
    I was stalking your visitor messages, or something, and wanted to mention I think St. John's College is totally awesome. I really considered applying there but my parents sorta convinced me to go somewhere where I can get a liberal arts education AND see some good science departments. Still kinda wish I could go there though.
    'mindfuck' is certainly apt, well said. I don't know to be honest, I've only seen it once, and that was some time ago, I think I was put off by how overwhelmingly 'dark' it was, but I was a different person then, maybe I should give it another chance. He's only directed one other movie that I know of, 'Being John Malkovich', which is also a bit of a mindfuck, though not quite to the degree of TSOS/Donnie Darko. He's done bunches of ads for companies like IKEA, and GAP, they're pretty unique - some better than others.The dialogue and characterizations I've seen in the trailers for WTWTA, if you will, did look a bit/annoyingly austere and sort of 'camp', though I honestly wouldn't mind watching that movie on mute, it looks stunning, visually. German Expressionism? Seems a bit of an oxymoron...kidding. I wasn't aware, I'm intrigued, that honestly changed my opinion of them a bit. I'm rambling, I think.
    I feel like it's borderline sacrilege to say such a thing on this forum, but I didn't care for Donnie Darko - don't get me wrong Jake Gyllenhall is a class act, but the movie itself - not a huge fan. Haven't seen Where the Wild Things Are yet, Spike Jonze is an extraordinarily talented man, hope to see it very soon/steal it from the internet. As for the RHCP video, I've seen it, like it a great deal; It's interesting how much commonality there is between the general aesthetic/tone of that video, and 'TSOS', if you will.
    Basically Cambridge University is a group of seperate colleges which all are joined together under the banner Cambridge University. It's a completely seperate institution for most intents and purposes. Also don't worry about being ignorant, my understanding of America mainly revolves around the political seperations of the federal government and the states.

    Well for one his AMAZINGLY casual xenophobia. It's not generally accepted as xenophobia because he was right once about the Germans, but seriously, during all his time as a back bencher, he did nothing but pick country after country to pick issue with. Also his obvious alcoholism, it's all fine because he capitalised on the groundwork set in place by Chamberlain, whereas Chamberlain himself is villainised. It's such a shame.

    I'll PM you my presentation on Utilitarianism and it's flaws. I was pretty much just on the criticism aspect, and I wrote it an hour before having to give it at 0915.
    Yeah, it can be annoying how some movies are almost immediately subsumed into the whole 'this is ours' indie culture, but I've learned to forgive. Also, YES! The visuals are absolutely mindblowing, the first time I watched it, it was like 4 AM, and I was in that hazy gray area between consciousness and crazy-sleep-land, I honestly felt like I was dreaming while watching it - an incredible sensation. As for other movies, I've yet to see something comparable, visually, but the director is a pretty prominent music video director as well - some stuff for Radiohead, and others, might be worth a look. Michael Gondry or Gondridge I think? No it's Gondry, what am I saying, this is the internet.
    Actually, it's a screen capture from the lovely film, 'The Science of Sleep'. But you're free to interpret it however you'd like, although I probably just ruined that for you. I'm not sorry. : (
    St.John's College, Cambridge? Cambridge is a nice place to aim for, though the sort of people who end up going end up being extremely pretentious, especially towards those of a less privileged background.

    I'm from England, if that's any use to you. Still have to pay for ma edumacation, but I get a long term loan, so it's all good.

    I'm a big fan of the first two world wars, mostly from as British perspective, for obvious reasons. Not really a Churchill fan though, mainly because people seem to glaze over his negative aspects in favour of his more acceptable negative features.

    When I need to give presentations, I generally tend to write down everything I want to say, but in a style that it'd seem like I'm just making it up as I normally do, so I tend to write in tangents, and lines such as "Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah", because it's how I talk anyway, and makes the whole process feel more natural to people listening.
    I'm supposed to have a long term goal planned? So that's where I'm going wrong. I've never felt that going to university would involve getting a job. If I wanted a job, I'd get one. University is about learning stuff, and if I'd at any point felt that a job at the end was compulsory, I'd have just stayed at home and read books.

    If I was studying history, I'd probably focus on modern history. As interesting as history is pre-20th century, I feel it lacks the social use as interpretation and clarification of more modern, and confusing issues seems to. It's all very well finding something new about the Roman's, but when a new fact is found out about the Cold War, it's MUCH more exciting.

    Also, I could never be a teacher under any cirsumstance other than with people I can relax around. Groups of two or three would be optimal, but considering lecturers and teachers deal with groups of 20 and more, it sort of rules out that line of career.
    I'm studying Philosophy, which is sort of why I was interested in the free will issue before. If I wasn't studying that, I'd probably be studying either history or politics, because they're both subjects I can find points to argue with people about, and that's really all I need for my education, an argument.
    I wouldn't really describe either of those songs as electronic, they're far too...earthy, I suppose the word is. But I liked them. I think the important lesson from the first video is clowns are evil.

    Anyway, I'm off to sleep, because it's currently 0524 and I need to be up for 1000 to get ready for Uni related society stuff.
    I've never heard of either of the bands you just mentioned. I'm going to blame it on what is probably cultural differences rather than any oversight on my behalf,

    I would say Placebo covered the song in a funer dirge style, but they covered the song. Watch these, for Placebo at it's best.


    Anything that's good. Seriously, I'll listen to anything as long as I'm in the right mood for it, though I generally tend to default to certain genres of music. Probably my favourite band is The Mountain Goats, though I have a soft spot for The Offspring (the earlier the better), Placebo, and Ben Folds. I've also currently taken to listening to the music from the orginal Sonic the Hedgehog game.

    It makes perfect sense, though that may be because it's what's in my head. I doubt saying it to another would make as much sense. Of course the ideas behind determinism don't discount responsibility, in fact, they're generally more aware that what you do has an effect on other people.

    Funny in a logistical way in that out of all the people on the planet I ran into someone who'd given it though and came to the same conclusion I did, and the chances of that happening are low indeed, which just goes to show how unpredictable life is :D
    Also, just noticed your continuation. I'm fairly certain we believe pretty much the same thing, which is funny, in a logistical kind of way.
    Unfortunately, I have to argue against people who claim that the very action of choosing removes from us the choice, which makes me want to hit them.

    Had to post in two sections, because I wrote too much :D
    Not just an answer, but a justification as well. It depends on how one defines free will I suppose. Free will to me is the capability of choice. Determinists will argue that everything that has happened to us in the past shapes what happens to us in the future, and while this is mostly true, it removes from the equation the simplest of human traits, unpredictability. My idea of free will is very much a product of my views that I am shaped by the events of the past; Had my grandfather died, I'd not be taken in by claims that my grandfather had been kidnapped for example. Had I never known what a gun was for, I'd be much more willing to antagonise a man threatening to shoot me. This doesn't remove my ability to choose, nor does it steamroll my down any one particular path. To paraphrase Satre, the one thing we don't have a choice about is whether or not we get to choose.
    As funny as it'll sound from someone on an INTP forum, I'm talking less about thinking and more about action. While actually thinking about something is a stage of responsiblity people rarely get to, rather relying on reactionary excuses, actually doing something, physically going out, and taking action will change far more than simply meditating on your own self worth.

    Speaking of responsibility, would you class yourself as a follower of Free Will, or a believer in determinism. If you're not sure, don't make some reactionary leap towards one or the other, think about it.
    Your F showing? Sounds like a euphemism.

    I'm sure people would like a great many things, however grabbing control of one's own actions is something that's attainable to everyone. In fact, to take control over your own life is to show your own strength of mind, and successfully doing so should be the exact opposite of falling into a negative cycle. Simply saying, if you're sad you're doing life wrong.
    I'm not the best artist in the world, and for a one minute paint creation, I think I did quite well. *cough* yeah.

    If people need to do that they're investing energy in the wrong places. If a situation is so dire that you need to seek reassurement elsewhere, then instead of seeking external sources, fix it yourself, and do something with your life. Though of course this is why people no longer ask me for advice.
    Something like this:

    The best way to beat people like him is to out smart them, though I suspect that'd just make him angrier. If people need to show how much better their life is by comparing it to other people, then they're pretty sad people already.

    I've never heard of Kim, John or Kate, I take it this makes me inferior to E!'s viewing public?
    See now I'm imagining some sort of turtleneck type of hair cut, with the hair all stuck up...And now I'm substituting the hair for a turtle, without a shell trying to cover itself up with human clothing, and looking embarassed.

    The entire premise behind those shows annoy me. The sort of people who volunteer to guest on them are the sort of people you'd want to have nowhere near your TV whereas the sort of people who would be most entertaining, those who truly need help, won't be on because they don't have the inclination to tackle their problems, let alone have some random guy tell you why HE thinks your in the wrong. Why would anyone go on a show, simply to be told their not allowed to defend themselves. It's like a glorified pantomine.
    Erm....yeah. I really should proof read what I write more often. I meant short haircut. I have no idea what a shirt haircut is, nor would I wish to find out in case it somehow offends me in some way.

    That man looks angry, and I wish to have no further part in his life.
    Well you certainly won't be going back any time soon, especially if you have long hair. You can always go for temporary dyes, and wash them out over time, but it'll never look that after the first few wash outs, and the whole purpose of doing your hair is because you want it to look better, or different, but certainly not rubbish. If you're dying long hair, and you don't want the roots to be horrendously clashing with what colour you go, then you'll have to tone down the colour on the roots every so often, or dye the dyed hair back to your original colour. Of course you can always let the roots go so long, then go for one of those shirt haircuts many females seem to sport these days.

    Bald men are either lecherous and left alone, angry and left alone, or cool and popular. I suspect I'll end up going for the angry one, and no amount of hat wearing will convince people I'm enigmatic.
    I laugh at the concept of permanently staining hair, though I don't have any evidence to any statement either way, seeing as hair is simpy dead matter, coming from inside the scalp, I find the idea of it permanently being stained incredulous. Though that may just be me in my ignorance. If you really want to to something, don't let silly things like health warnings stop you doing it.

    Also yes, everyone likes to comment on my hair. It seems like the defining point of my personality. One day I shall let it go free to seek the fame and popularity it so rightly deserves, and get back to being anonymous on my own.
    If you're light already, then the upkeep won't be too bad. If it's what you want, go for it. Personally, I did my hair once, got bored and decided to let it grow out. Then went for a trim, and was convinced by the hairdresser to take it lighter again, so this time I'm almost definately going to let it just grow out.

    Or dye it green.
    Welcome to the forum, Dödden. I've got to say, your avatar caught my eye as being interesting and pretty unique. And you profile picture, too, now that I'm seeing it. Where have they come from?

    Hope you enjoy your time here.

    P.S. Yes, I'll be taking the time to get your name exactly right. :)
    It could only be less natural if it were synthetic. I'm naturally dark, and someday I'll return to it.
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