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  • Hang in there.. What are you in? The city of dreams or something? Some day you'll get your dream, I know it.
    He didn't break any rules, per se.

    But.. You can see what Blar and Fukyo wrote in the Ban thread.

    I disgaree with their decision, but at least they are not Orwellian enough to stop me from airing my disagreement.

    This forum is "not a democracy", as they will tell you, and at the end of they day, the MODS and what the MODS want for the forum, is the law of the land.

    I rather like you, as you know. But for future reference, I would hesitate before making bans and complaints about bans common knowledge.

    (Which is ironic, coming from me, lol)
    I probably will tomorrow, but I'm sleep deprived at the moment.. Just don't worry about it.. Your mind is better spent on other endeavors, for now :)
    Oh no, dude relax.. They had a whole forum make over.. I lost half my shit too. But I'll pick it up with Hush for you tomorrow :)

    Good job you checked out the INTP's eh? :smoker:
    Umm, I'm not sure what 'stink' I can kick up for you, considering you got yourself banned(?) .. What lies were told? Tell Sinny what lies you were told, she'll hunt the bastard down!!

    Hehe, never.

    Nah, as of since forever, I'm usually awake for two days and nights, and then I sleep for a day and half a night :D

    When do you sleep?
    no thanks, bruh, i'm good on that.

    i see you've been banned from INFJs. hopefully you don't get yourself banned from this place. be seeing you around...
    "I am slowly turning into you."

    Ha, God help you!

    As if you let a ignorant twat like Eventhorizon bother you... He was doing well embarrassing himself!

    But yea, hope you stick around here, you have some really cool insights.. and these guys will enjoy fucking with you, aha.
    Howdy btw ... How come you quit INFJ anyway? You were just getting into your stride over there.
    He's here cuz I told him to be here ;) lool .. Nah I told him to check the forum out, hopefully he's not chased away.
    Welcome! I was just kidding about hating you, although my distaste for the general hype and mistyping is very real.

    I look forward to reading your contributions; like I said, I find the more intellectual INFJs to be quite interesting, and I assume if you're here it's because you're fairly interested in ideas and such.
    Sounds like you experience a lot of frustration.

    Posting nudes will get you banned, but if you need to go there's no need to get banned in order to do so. If you really need the ban for some finality, just change your password to something you won't remember. I personally don't have an issue with nudes, outside of the fact we don't have age restrictions here (hence the rule).

    If you're polarising, our community will almost certainly drill you a bit. Don't take it personally, there's an air of aggression lately, and we do love to tear each other apart. This forum walks a sometimes blurry line between mutual respect and freedom of speech.

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