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  • Ah, me too.

    I was referring to the possibility of changing your username to 'Dark' over 'dark'.

    Welcome back then. :)
    I'm pretty sure you can change it, it'd take minor effort on a mods part, just a few clicks on their mouse and two keyboard taps.

    Oh. Hello again, I should say. ;-;
    mmmmm.... I always feel rather awkward walking into little music shops. It seems like all the owners there continually stare at me. ...
    mmm.... interesting. ... The music shop doesn't mind you playing their guitars for hours? lol
    Just read that you happen to play harmonica. Do you have a chromatic one? Mine happens to play only the c major scale and it is bigger than the regular 'dollar-store' version.
    Ah, that's what I figured after I replied.

    Yea there are more patterns:

    The 3rd function is the cause of neurosis/irritability.
    The 4th function is the source of phobia.
    The 6th function is the source of confidence.
    Not right, but more accurate. And yea I can trace evidence of my Fi Hidden Agenda back through my own childhood. The theory could be really help society if more people were aware.
    Sometimes I laugh for a good five
    minutes as I stare in disbelief.

    But nothing further will he add to enjoy.
    (I'm sorry for the awkwardness of that
    sentence. I cannot think of how to
    properly word it.)
    If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight you're going to see some serious shit.
    I refrain from delving into astronomy or physics, because it gets too detailed before you are free to wander without restrictions, though I do have a passion for stargazing. I'm no professional spiritualist, I just prefer it over the concrete universe.
    The physical universe or the spiritual universe? I don't really concern myself with the former; I'm not big on astronomy.
    T_T I am so sorry, really, sometimes I am so dense. Yes, I have learned to post comments on profiles. What latest theory are you contemplating? I'm thinking about Pablo Neruda's questions:
    "How long does a man live, after all?
    Does he live a thousand days, or one only?
    A week, or several centuries?
    How long does a man spend dying?
    What does it mean to say 'for ever'?"
    It's simple, click 'view conversation' and you can't go wrong.

    Otherwise, you end up accidentally posting it on your own wall, and the other fellow gets quite frustrated at your lack of reply.


    I was refering to the lack of an uppercase 'D' in username.
    It has the remarkable effect of ruining peoples reputations I think.
    Ohh... good one...
    But now:
    Let me tell you a story to chill the bones
    'bout a thing that I saw
    One night wandering trough the everglades
    I'd one drink, but no more...
    I'm looking forward to whatever personal philosophy you come up with, so far I've got the impression that you're the kind of person who likes to follow a train of thought as far as it'll go, an obsessive thinker; currently more educated than experienced, but that'll change with time, yes I think you’re going to become really interesting.

    Sorry if I come off as a bit of a prick when debating, I like to argue.
    Anyway, don't be a stranger.
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