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  • Okay, I joined your place and I was trying
    to play and this douchebag would not go!!!
    So irritating ~~ I don't want to play a game
    that lasts 3 days!

    anyway, if you want to play, tell me and I
    will send you a link to a game and we can
    play that way.
    Okay (:

    I'm really bad. But I know
    the more I play eventually
    I will get better, RIGHT!?!

    Wow, the 1000-character limitation on Visitor Messages is really annoying... I just had to figure out how to shorten that message a whole 46 characters...
    No, at least, not that I know of. It could be that I'm colorblind and can't see my eyes for the purple that they (hypothetically) are, but as far as my experience can be trusted, my eyes simply fluctuate between green, blue, and gray.

    Before you ask the next question, no. Born and raised here in Canada, family comes from the Netherlands and, if you go back far enough in the family tree, France. Definitely not Middle Eastern, though. As far as religious belief, I don't see that there's that much difference between Christianity and Islam (or Judaism, for that matter), and until the different factions of the coming one-world religion come to some sort of agreement, I refuse to get involved and have to hear the anti-Muslim rhetoric from the Christians and the anti-Christian rhetoric from the Muslims... although I will admit that my Islamic acquaintances tend to follow the "teachings of Christ" (ie. the tenets of both religions) much more closely than do most of my Christian acquaintances.
    No offense taken at all. I just wanted to make sure that I was taking your comment the way it was intended. I seem to have trouble deciphering the meaning of written communication with people who I'm not acquainted with.
    I'm not sure if this is a good thing... For the sake of my (already damaged) self-respect, I'll assume this is a compliment and thank you accordingly.

    Just out of curiosity... similar looks or similarities in personality, writing style, etc?
    "vomiting his heart out *to me*". Interesting. Why "to you"? And when you say "heart" do you mean "emotion"?
    Ummm... Melkor's on my page, like you said. What the hell do I do?! Am I allowed to approach him? Is that wise? I've left him standing there for hours and I think he's getting agitated. Or does he normally twitch like that?
    .... um, I don't think that is what I mean, I am just talking about what ever it is this conversation is being taken place on. I had no name so I gave it a name, which when I name stuff people get confused, so my error.
    Yeah, what ever this speak notifications thing is that are messages to visitors or what ever. Seems something like what facebook was when I was in high school, but never used it because I couldn't grasp the idea of what it was for.
    Hey finally learned how to use the speak thing. Polar opposite or oppositely polarized?
    Well, I originally met Jim in Louis Stevenson's classic, but as a character, I identified with Treasure Planet's interpretation more-so. Rather liked the film as well, even if it's 'world' didn't make much sense (and the Disney label, but sssshhh). Like in the opening, when young Jim is using the book like a television screen: how the hell does he know when to turn the page? And what would be the point of pages if it's all motion picture now? Lol. And just later on, why is the space port shaped liked a lunar crescent? What practical use could that be? (Except for an awesome scene transition.) Did the space station need a disguise? Why the moon?

    How about your name? Do you have a particular affiliation with the colour? A skin condition perhaps?

    Thanks for the hello though! I can stand tall now, no longer a visitor message virgin. (Edit: Too embarrassed to leave this bit un-edited, whether you found it offensive or not! Could've been misconstrued. Wasn't intended. Sorry. :)? )
    Badrang the Tyrant.

    There's an animated series for redwall too. I had no idea that one existed:
    Don't know if it is any good or not though, but it's worth a shot.
    That is very funny.
    I've been reading the xkcd comics as of late...I don't remember how I ran into them in the first place, but I certainly do have a bookmark set here for that site.
    Lol @ saint ninnian's. What book was that from? I don't remember it (but it has been a while).

    Who is your favorite villain from the series?
    I had to go check out some of the comics just now. They're much funnier...not that my intent was to make anyone laugh besides myself, of course. I've lost far more good, random ideas than I've ever remembered, so every now and then I just have to try to and express one while it's still fresh in the noggin.
    I think I was lying in bed one morning when this current one popped into my head.
    Pearls of Lutra. I thought that the scene with the pearls was really deep and touching. I've read all but 2 of the books so far (the two newest). It's been years since I've picked them up, but it was awesome to find someone else who likes the series :D
    Did you read all of the books in the Redwall series? What was your favorite?
    I love the humor in it. It's definitely my style; kind of anti-climatic I can't really describe it so here's a quote:

    Zaphod: "Did you think of that, Earthman?"
    Arthur: "Well, all I did was..."
    Zaphod: "That's very good thinking, you know. Turn on the Improbability Drive for a second withou first activating the proofing screens. Hey, kid, you just saved our lives, you know that?"
    Arthur: "Oh, well it was nothing really...."
    Zaphod: "Was it? Oh well, forget it then. Okay, computer take us in to land."
    Arthur: "But...."
    Zaphod: "I said forget it."

    I can't get enough of this stuff. Luckily the book is full of it.
    If you're offering, I'll come!:D

    So long as violence and sexytime is included in the package! Oh, and lots and lots of green!
    Darling, I'm rarely seen without my trusty green hoodie. Failing that, my grey black pinstriped shirt, green converse, or in extreme cases green checked boxers and arm band.

    I blame my country, woodlands and too much Zelda as a child.
    No way. Monty Burns is just a snide INTJ, who inadvertently says hurtful, hilarious things. I guess it didnt tickle your funny bone though.
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