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  1. deathvirtuoso

    Why you don't read as much as you used to?

    I got lazy, depressed, and unmotivated.
  2. deathvirtuoso

    Is it possible to change username?

    I can see why you're an active member now. :rolleyes::rolleyes: Edit: active because I always see you around.
  3. deathvirtuoso

    Is it possible to change username?

    Nooo. Please check your inbox before you make your final judgment. Give me a chance.
  4. deathvirtuoso

    Is it possible to change username?

    Cure??? I much rather be 8 (ok maybe not. I remember having a lot of "contained anger") I'd be more successful :D but 8 is still in my tri-type lol can't decide if I'm 584 or 548, tho I'm guessing it's the latter? Idk, try getting depression. What the hell. That's a ridiculous past time. I...
  5. deathvirtuoso

    Is it possible to change username?

    I have another question! What happens when my account is deleted? It's just gone? are there no ways to activate it again?
  6. deathvirtuoso

    Is it possible to change username?

    Re: Dear admin, Damn, can we have u as mod instead? Greatly appreciated. Edit: typo
  7. deathvirtuoso

    Is it possible to change username?

    Lol I created that to improve my Chinese to a native level. I don't really care about that since there's nothing that private. BUT I STILL FEEL ATTACKED. WHY R U DOIN THIS TO ME LADY. WHY. FUCKKKK I was preparing to do a deactivate spree, but kept fearing that I'll regret it. I even got a new...
  8. deathvirtuoso

    homosexuality is becoming a trend

    Do you think so? I'm still conflicted tbh. I talked to a friend about this, and shs strongly agrees. I think it can be attributed to the "tumblr trend" thingy, but idk. I'm not really a social media person. Edit: thought i should add the last 2 sentences
  9. deathvirtuoso

    Is it possible to change username?

    I just feel invaded very easily. And i want some damn privacy. There are actually some other reasons, but still. Like you, i want to "reinvent myself" therefore i have to get rid of some people in my life, and keep only what matters. Cant do that when a scum is around. Fine, i'll change it...
  10. deathvirtuoso

    Advanced Global Personality Test

    What the hell...126 questions.
  11. deathvirtuoso

    Is it possible to change username?

    Okay, i created this thread 2 months ago. But one of the major reasons why i need to change is because my username is sort of linked to my "real life". and there is this person i really need to get rid of. I'd file a harrassment report if i had enough evidence. The thing is XX searches ANY...
  12. deathvirtuoso

    Was Leo Tolstoy an INTP?

    I guess some people arent able to think out of the box or from a different perspective. A therapist helps with that. I doubt any of us needs one. Mine is pretty useless. Barely got any benefits. But she's pretty :D i like to lead her into thinking she's leading me into thinking a certain way...
  13. deathvirtuoso

    something japanese fiction by male authors have in common

    From my personal experience, the male lead is always enamoured by a very beautiful yet mysterious girl. (Esp. haruki murakami lmao)
  14. deathvirtuoso

    Why did you pick your name?

    I couldnt think of anything better at that point of time, AND I FUCKING THOUGHT THAT I COULD CHANGE IT ANYTIME I WANT! I regret it so much :((( but the damage to my soul is already done.
  15. deathvirtuoso

    UCLA loneliness scale.

    31 extreme loneliness
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