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  1. Simple confirmation that you are an INTP

    Oops on the wild quote marks, I got distracted and posted before proof reading.
  2. Simple confirmation that you are an INTP

    In high school someone was comforting me about a boy I "liked" dating another girl, "I think my reply was along the lines of, "It was clearly just a crush and will have no long term consequences on my well-being". Blank look in return. :D
  3. You know you're an Intp when...

    ...you refer to visiting family and friends as- "it's their turn to be maintained" I also read the dictionary.
  4. Are INTPs more prone to be asexual?

    Intellectually- surprise me, forcing me to get my dictionary out def extra points. Physically- I'm not into "extreme" sports but I love to get tired out. I really enjoy rock climbing, kayaking, cc skiing, horseback riding, hiking, etc. This includes the topic being discussed. :o Emotionally- I...
  5. ping www.intpforum.com

    OMG I just realized who Jennywocky is ! Im so happy now.
  6. ping www.intpforum.com

    I miss your Buckaroo Bonzai avatar. If thats you that is.:confused:
  7. Are INTPs more prone to be asexual?

    I am much better at expressing my affection in a physical way than in words. And its fun, fun, fun !!! Gotta keep those bonding hormones in mind though so no one nighters for me, ever. Only want to be with a man that challenges me and have to know them a while to trust them. I guess I'm strictly...
  8. introduction thread

    Hello. I am here because INTPcentral AND Typologycentral were down. :confused: I reckon I will give this place a look see. Just looking for some insight and INTP company cause not much irl.
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