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  • Well I had to include the 'men' part so you would for sure understand it right away. xD
    I guess I'll settle with soup instead of babies.
    And of course I have a soul!

    EDIT: Holy crap! I didnt realize you linked something the first time. Thats awesome! xD
    Yeah the storks are on vacation. They should be back in a week or so. I wish they'd hurry though. These babies are getting pretty annoying v.v
    I might have to eat a few.
    I have a friend whom I pretty sure is an ENFP who shoves me off sidewalks all the time. I call it the crab walk because as we go along he slowly gets closer and closer and I move further and further away until I'm out in the street or walking in people's yard. He never seems to notice either. It's funny.
    We should take you to a tanning salon. We'll bring asparagus and assorted plants. We'll make you eat these plants. You'll turn green. Sucka.
    I'm the process of looking for a more awesome avatar. Maybe something really abstract. Chan-face will make guest appearances though, no worries. Your concern is greatly appreciated.
    *crawls grumpily back into her sea cavern*

    ...the glittery rocks and soft shadows make me happy...
    I probably shouldn't even have been so direct in assessing his sister was ESFP. Um, what i should have said is that, just from that one video, she displays the demeanor and conduct of an ESFP - and if no further information is introduced, the most accurate assessment I could personally make is that of an ESFP? However, more information is always good yus? ^^ The more info there is, the more accurate the assessment can be.

    As for his dislike for sensor types. *sigh*
    I might have to make a video on this. I was actually already planning on making a video dispelling a lot of the prejudice to certain types.

    And oh yes, Fe! ^^ I love Fe. Um, damn, I'm hungry just now, and I have to do a few things, but sure, I wouldn't mind sharing my own personal understanding of Fe. [as long as it's clear that it's just my own personal experience with Fe ;p I don't want my opinion to ever be praised as much as Adymus. <.< *mews* I am much too human and much too flawed for that..]
    My sister is an ESFP with low self-esteem or something. As for me, ISFJ? Impossible. I refuse to belive it.
    I can't quite type (or claim to type o,o) people as quickly as Adymus. I just don't trust my own analysis that much and remain ever skeptical. There is no rush when it comes to self-identity. The journey to understand the Self is such an important and personal matter that it requires the most careful examination. This is people we're talking about, and an opinion falsely spoken could really damage their sense of self...

    But all I know for sure is that I have an ISFJ mother (and I'm 100% sure my mother is ISFJ: Si Fe Ti Ne <-- in that order) who I've spend my entire life with and he seems nothing like her. <.<

    As for his sister, zomg! She's so totally ESFP! D;
    I don't see how Adymus could have missed that one! She displays such blatant usage of Se throughout the entire video. Plus one of my best friends is an ESFP and she acts just like her. ^^;

    ..just my opinion o.o for what it's worth.. >.>
    Well thats a damned lie!

    And who said thieves had honour?

    I'm afraid as a budding detective I must detain you.

    You won't see your precious Ana behind bars! Muhahah!

    You've cheated somehow, beacue you have next to no posts, and even fewer visitor messages:p

    Hrm, maybe you just posted a picture?

    When did you get so popular?


    You must have a lot of stalkers!

    I see you've stolen my Anamalech.

    How very deceptive of you.

    Well yes, I suppose my avatar is a bit colorless. I like it though. I can only imagine what that says about me.

    Moar variations:
    Deus Machina monkey balls!
    Deus H. Machina!
    Deu Louie! (Jeez Louise, lol)
    Oh, for the love of Machina!
    Deus is my homedog

    I am. Their music, imho, is genius. I love their lyrics.

    And thanks...:)
    Thank you and I wish you a successful 2010 too. Is your nick inspired by Alice in Wonderland?
    Indeed, there's nothing like dull colors to capture a lovely mood.
    I'm always surprised by how rapidly everyone on this site changes their name/avatar. I don't think I'll change mine anytime soon, at least.
    Ha, it does have a bit of a Middle Earth feel to it, doesn't it? The artist is John Bauer. He illustrated tons of fairy tales and all his work is similar to my avatar. I guess it goes without saying that he's one of my favorite artists :)
    I have an unhealthy love towards your new avatar. Has some weird, awesome nostalgia to it.
    By the way, what was your last one? Made me think of Brian Froud.
    Hello. :)

    It's because I come across as an INFP, and my MBTI test results have always been INFP. Quite the same as you! I'm still not 100% sure that I'm INTP, but I suppose I never will be (nothing is for absolute definite when you're a P I think).

    Wait, do you identify as INTP or INFP?
    Hey, that deviant art account with the guides? Quite nice compilation there, sometimes its hard to find good, short guides like that. I even learned some things that I didn't knew before for proportion, and oh how I've read a lot on that..... Thanks for sharing.
    I enjoy most hauntings, but mice are't very interesting.

    I refue to kill themthough, even the intruder ones.

    Hello ickle dormouse!

    -steps on-


    -ice skates with the bloody sole-
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