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  • what's up, Dux? You still around?

    I've officially turned to the NT side now. I no longer care about relationships or romance, but almost exclusively for gathering knowledge and carrying out creative endeavors. Muahahaha.


    Perhaps someone *cough* needs to make a thread on how we as Westerners seem to thrive on conflict as a form of stimulant; both in literature and in our daily doings. I have often wondered about this. We seem to be addicted to -- or drawn to conflict. Why? Is this social conditioning? Could be an interesting discussion.

    ^As I thought, the whole idea that conflict must be part of a good story is of Western origin.

    Perhaps you need to look at some Eastern literature. Try some Japanese authors.

    I totally agree that a story does not necessarily need conflict. But I think the typical Western audience expects drama and conflict as it seems to be a socially ingrained thing.

    Perhaps, for this reason, you are not going to win over your teacher audience with your conflict-free stories. >:(
    I will search through the university library data base and see if I can find some resources for you. I think I understand your point. I think it is also going to be very difficult to pull off. I'll see what I can find. ;)

    I unconsciously put periods where I don't expect a reply and question marks where I do. I think I do it even though I know it improper because deep down I think it more efficient to signify whether you want an answer as apposed to signifying the tone of voice.

    Anyways, thanks again.
    The cost of living here is comparatively low as well so it all balances out. For example, I can comfortably eat for a whole day with just PhP 150 or ~US$ 3.00
    DUXWING! For the love of all things good and holy in this world get thee an avatar!

    Get thee an avatar or I swear by my fluffy orange cat I will END you!
    The student at my university was expelled for plagiarising another student's work. He used snippets of the other student's paper, oblivious to how easy this is to check. He had also failed to reference many of his sources properly, which further added to the damage.

    When students hand in their papers, the papers are checked against an automatic plagiarising detection program which sources the references in their biographies and checks against the corresponding paper. If you are over a certain percentage, you will either: fail the assignment; the whole subject; or be expelled depending on the percentage level of misconduct.
    Going much better now, thanks Duxwing. I have finished moving and just getting settled into the city-life again after being in the countryside for 4 + years. It's great, I like the energy of the city. Seeing people busying themselves to and from work in a city that barely sleeps is great for my seeming lack of motivation.

    Now I have a month's worth of textbook readings to catch up on....plus more assignments. But feeling more inspired.

    How are you faring?
    Dear Dux.

    I'm snowed down with work and study, plus I'm moving house soon. The forum gives me an outlet because it's non-personal stuff, however, PMs drain me a bit as I have to do one-on-one interaction. Nothing personal; it's just how I operate when I'm stressed.

    After my move I may be feeling a bit more settled and ready to spend time chatting to friends. At the moment I'm hiding from everyone, including my closest friends.

    *huggles Dux back*
    Nice piece to commemorate our peace :). Unfortunately, I like the crazies. They kept things fun.

    Awww...thanks Duxwing.

    I'll be back soonish with more energy hopefully....both RB and I have been sick in bed for the last week and a bit :/

    Hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year, wishing you all the best for 2014.

    I will be counting my new gray hairs...

    *hugs Duxwing back*
    I won't be on skype for a couple days. Going to the convention. Hopefully I have fun stories to share with you.
    I know. I took two years of French a long long time ago. In another life really. By "yours" I meant all who you hold dear. Husband or no ;) I hope your next few days are filled with lightheartedness and joy. Keep safe.
    So of course, now I'm over my ears in stuff to think about....eek.

    I wish you the best season too, it sounds as if you will have a lovely time with your beloved ones :)
    Thanks Dux :)

    *hugs back*

    The christmas madness is related to work and other people, unfortunately. My family are spread all over the world, so that's not really an issue :D

    Personally, I would like to boykott christmas, but people won't let me....besides, I have a lonely friend or two, so even if I wanted to be alone I don't have the conscience to ignore them. I'm trying to get out of my shell and start caring more for my loyal friends. I have been quite poor at maintaining friendships over the years.
    Sorry if that came across as obnoxious...I couldn't resist the joke :(

    I'm snowed down with work and other things...silly christmas madness. I will try to reply to you when I get a breather. I find PM's take more energy, so haven't written to anyone for a while.

    I want nothing other than the end of stress and worry for christmas....how about you, Dux?
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