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  • Hi Dux, my exams went okay I think. Okay considering that I never studied all semester only to cram the day before....I will never learn. Although this year I haven't been focussed on studies at all. Two deaths and a load of other stuff going on in the background. Now it's just work...been busy putting together the website for a business I'm working for so I'm avoiding the computer at home.

    What is happening in your life?
    Things have been a little bit difficult lately. I have not forgotten you though. Last exam next week, yay.

    Man you gotta be one of the most reasonable posters on political issues I've seen online.

    Although it may have to do with the fact that you seem to have political views which effectively reflect mine so it's kinda "in my view" I guess, but; nonetheless!
    The doctor's visit lead me to the emergency room where I spent ten hours. \o/ Woooo! There is nothing wrong with me after all. Woot!
    My apologies; you were correct. SY's wording was diffuse so I didn't want to assume anything.

    Hey, Dux...been a while. How are you doing?

    I got tired of being such a whiny nincompoop, and so I left to sort myself out some.
    Haha, honestly didn't know what you were referring to for a second there. :p

    I prefer to think that she's giving the kitty a bath. :angel:
    Thanks, sure - I meant focusing on the detail without seeing its relationship to the whole. :angel:
    I am aware that my explanation sucks I cant come up with anything better atm, feel free to ignore it ^^
    Sorry for cutting you off in our skype conversation. My dearest wanted to "talk" :S. Turned out to be nothing bad. :P

    I will be going into work late tomorrow. We can have another conversation. :)
    Hey Dux, I'm a little bogged down with work and have an assignment due tonight. I will reply hopefully some time this weekend (famous last words...)

    Oh, did you send one recently?

    Hm, I will check. Perhaps there was something I didn't respond to...wouldn't surprise me at all.
    I was helping my friend move gear from his old house to his new + plus I held his new born son in my arms. It was kinda cute.
    Hey there! Generally I am at work or supposed to be a at work when you're awake. Makes conversations a tad bit difficult to organize.
    So your experience is entirely positive? If you're off the medication does that imply that you've experienced improvement, or that you didn't think it was worth it?
    You said somewhere that you had ADHD but received treatment. Mind me asking if you're still on said treatment, and what that treatment is/was? Just curious.
    I'm sorry it's taking me so long to respond on the spanking thread. I've been working a lot this week and don't really have the mental power to form the exact thing that I wrote out before. But I will get my response in there. Alright buddy ;)?
    Read architects thread, I may require your help again, I hope you understand , I have only been able to properly explain to othern doms.

    Go forth with yor strong T
    INTP, although I've honestly not given the matter sufficient thought, I can't really think of any alternative.
    I've been beyond prolific, at least you're below 10ppd. I 've been warned multiple (quite a few) times. So, if I randomly disappear, that would be why xd
    Btw, I also thought the thread was a warning >_< rofl
    **Big sigh of relief as the torch has been passed. Carry it bravely, young INTP, and may it burn ever brighter. There are more witches to be found! Redwall!!!!
    I'd say if anything, you intuited too much without thinking about why it wouldn't make sense for me to make a thread specifically to call you out.
    idk lol. That's what the thread's there for, to discuss such things.

    Though I did legit lol at your AA-esque VM.

    "My name is Duxwing, and I am a prolific poster."

    Ahh cool, so you should be a...junior? Or senior? I hope you're enjoying highschool xD it's hard to meet people irl outside of school
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