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  • Jesus was just a troll account created by God. Satan is teh mod. Deal with it.

    haha hahaha you are seriously on form today - that has to be one of the funniest things I have EVER read on this forum. I may have to steal it for my signature. [still grinning]
    well done for spotting the peanut butter sandwiches! :D

    and that quote below about puzzles really touched a nerve [must go read the thread]
    "It's pretty depressing how so many people are brought to the point where they feel they must treat others like a puzzle to be solved." [from 'a question for a female' thread]

    I shall assume this was in regards to my post; if it is not please correct me. Anyway my curiosity is really what causes me to take such a stance with most people. However like many INTPs I don't develop emotions towards people easily. In my case viewing people as puzzles (and calling them friends) is really the kindest thing I can do for them. I can't force myself to feel for them, yet neither do I want to hurt them.
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