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  • Me: Hey, fuse this pad thai + PB&J sandwich together, eh, you fancy ladies-who-lunch/restauranters?

    you: Well, I fancy ladies, anyway.:)

    Didn't want to make a big deal by Quoting it in the thread, but... that made me laugh. Really nice play on words. :)
    Hi! I love to read your posts, EditorOne. Where does one go in order to read your novels and stuff? (I would understand if that is not something you're comfortable sharing in this setting... :) )
    Thank you for the opportunity, but I am in The Netherlands :-)

    Interesting job indeed, a sort of Robin Hood fighting against the insurance companies.
    Every time I see your picture I am reminded of this guy. What are your feelings concerning black hats? :D

    Original Post: "i wish people would stop replying to a single sentence when it is within a very important paragraph."

    EditorOne: It does get annoying.

    Is it weird having been on this Earth for quite some time? ... What do you think of mirrors, and seeing your physical reflection? ... The whole aspect of a mirror is really strange to me... I'm 17. I'm not sure what I'm trying to ask right now either, or if it makes any sense. Thoughts are sort of scrambled right now, not sure how to express/explain. :p
    Sometimes the moment just arrives and the words escape like an avalanche. :-) But it really did read like some of the crap I'd get as orders to do when they were trying to get me to dislike my job so I'd quit. I remember one set of instructions for me to list everyone on my staff, what they did, and how much they got paid. I did it, but added words to the effect that "If you're wondering who works harder for less money, it's always the people at smallest newspaper. I figured that out years ago." They were even more annoyed when the numbers proved me right. :-) (And yeah, I headed up the smallest paper.)
    Your asshat comment has been waiting a long time for Dick Headman to come along hasn't it? That was hilarious.
    Can I assume that you're the person in the avatar?

    Because if so, you look like the INTP version of the most interesting man in the world.

    Please stand by for a rare moment of seriousness.

    Thanks for sticking around Ed, I'm glad to see you're still here.

    This forum needs more of the mature, wise members we had back in the beginning. The constant flow of innocents and philistines need warned and educated, and that includes me.

    Yes, your posts always have a very lucid and pristine sanity to them, and I admit half the time when I am in horror at the original posters remarks or dumbfounded by the esoteric nature of their speech I just skip to your posts and it all gets better.

    And now back to Melkor.

    What's wrong with ducks you bigot!?

    I really appreciate all you contribute to the forum editor.
    I one day hope to have my head on half as straight as you do.

    Did you get a PM from me? It was kind of a doozy and I'm paranoid.
    Visitor number 2000. :)

    I'm thinking of picking up your book (the one that you recommended to shoeless). I'm looking forward to reading it.
    My avatar is Robert Mitchum, the face of calmness in adversity. He's up until my knee stops hurting. :-)
    Oh, so that's what you look like. Nice! Reading your comments caused me to mentally link your tone with your suave avatar.
    Just wanted to say I like your avatar very much. Seeing it makes me feel like everything is going to be ok, and like even the things that are not ok, are ok.

    Oh, and the stuff you actually say is nice and all that :)
    I just realized...we joined in the same month of the same year, and almost have the same number of posts (though hardly the same quality! Insightful, experienced devil...)
    I just found it amusing. You've always been one of my favorite old faces in the forum. Pun intended. Still...despite your wisdom, I still get a "young" vibe from you...but in the curious, bright way, not the ignorant way. If that makes sense. I'm trying to express in words a thing that has no name. ><
    Anyway. I'm glad you've stuck around. Cheers! =)
    You're very nice to have around editor. :)
    Yay! A reply from someone with experience!

    My interests seem to be a little different from yours, though I sense that touch of Ne whimsy is common to us both.;) Do you have time to discuss what has worked for you?
    INTP writers have your problem a lot. IT's so easy to go down side roads doing research or just thinking that a whole day can go by in which you forget why you sat down at the damned computer in the first place. The solution (for me) was small chunks in which I refused to contemplate the big picture, only the next 2,000 words or so and what I wanted them to convey. It takes practice, but it does work.

    I have practically given up on ever writing because my imagination is so easily distracted. I often come up with 3 or 4 paragraphs dealing with a single idea that I really like then I wander off. It's horrible. Teachers and editors get so pissed off with me because I'll do a great write up and then never follow it up with anything substantive. I'll have to try your ideas. Thanks.
    Oh, you're no longer an editor?

    Anyway thanks for the advice. I asked for advice kinda late; pretty much gonna stop my small business now. It's not only staff, but I find I'm a pushover in many other areas too. But you're right about the "doing the right things" and not "doing things right" stuff. I think :p
    I was ruined by romantic literature at an impressionable age. It's cursed my life. That and being INFJ after all. I'm unhappy when I believe in love and even more unhappy when I don't.
    thank you! :) I have to admit that your comment made my day 10x better than it was =]
    to be honest, i did not think that it was anything too special when i drew it, however due to the positive feedback i've received since then i have began to see it in a different way.
    you do bring up an excellent point, it is something that i have noticed as well. My theory on this is that when people have a unique talent, they accept it as normal. When they continue developing this talent, they compare it to the work of other talented people instead of the others that are "normal" by the standards of the general public. It is because of this that they might not think that they are doing anything out of the ordinary.
    (i'm sorry for the phrasing of the paragraph above, I find expressing my thoughts in english rather hard :) )
    and once again thanks! :D
    Wow, I didn't even realise it was you :0 You look a lot younger without the grey hair and beard (I hope you don't mind me saying). I like the previous look though - it was wise and reassuring - like your comments. Hmmm, if you could get a balance between the two you'd look young and wise - now there's a thought :)
    Appreciated your post in the archeology thread... you have it exactly right... there's just inherent and often "innocent" bias within the telling that prevents us from knowing what is exactly true. This was one of the struggles I had within Christian community, it's hard to carry that perspective within a group where many find it threatening just because it seems to undermine their faith, even if my goal was always just to be true to what I could perceive... In any case, I don't think I have ever written it so well myself, so thank you.

    PS. Nice high tops, I have a pair like that ... with pink laces. :D
    Your insight is amazing.
    I don't mean this is a self-flattering sort of way at all.
    For some reason what you wrote, just, hit me.
    It was a very revealing comment you posted and now I see how revealing that picture of myself really is. Which honestly does make me wish to remove it but I will resist.
    I wish to say thank you, but I'm not sure for what.
    Perhaps it is because I sincerely appreciate when people give me an honest mirror for me to view myself in.
    Oh and I must add that a glass of milk is indeed very sinister.
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