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  • Just so you know, I watched the entireity of that random left 4 dead nes video, like some sort of creature with a liquified brain and limited functional capabilities.

    From that I judge it was at least good in some way, even if the reason escapes me.
    Baww that's too bad. Is it that your tangent didn't tie in at all, or is your prof very strict about tangents in general?
    Oh dear, so what you are describing is a philosophy class that deals mainly in the history of the movements and schools of thought, as well as the definitions, but not personal analysis? Aye, that would be irritating to me as well. What do you think of your peers in that class?
    I disappeared for a few days due to overwhelming schoolwork, but I'm not going to reply to your PM just yet since I want to make a thoughtful response.
    Do you do this kind of thing in your philosophy class? Like get presented with a school of thought and then do papers regarding your opinion on it and points you agree/disagree with?
    Ah, I'm referring to the one in New Mexico/Maryland (two campuses! How fun). So is St. John's College one of the smaller colleges within Cambridge University or is it simply in Cambridge? I'm terribly ignorant.

    People favor his acceptable negative features? Like what?

    You write in tangents? I literally just laughed out loud. I'd love to look at someone's notes and see that written in for the sake of seeming "casual."
    I write down everything I want to say too. Makes presenting with note cards extremely cumbersome though.
    I'm not very practical in most matters, but I definitely want to get a job with my university education. That said, have you heard of St. John's College? I wanted to go there for a while; they read books on all different subjects, from Einstein to Melville. Seems like an intellectual paradise.
    Do you live in the US? I can understand your perspective if you live in another country. Here school's so expensive that I can't imagine going just to learn and then not get a job and pay off the debt.

    Ah, so what is your favorite aspect of modern history? I don't know much about the World Wars but WWI and WWII have always had a sort of lure to them for me, for some reason.

    Hmmm, I think it'd be something one would get used to. I am pretty good at speaking in front of bigger groups, but I adopt a very impersonal, professional persona. That's the difference between a good professor and a great professor though - a great professor is still personal even with a lecture hall of 500 people.
    What are you going to do with that as a career? I think it'd be pretty cool to take a philosophy course in Uni. We were recently learning about Existentialism in my literature class and the discussions never really got too intense. What kind of history? I briefly considered being a history teacher myself, though ideally I think it'd be fun to be an Anthropology professor. Or a professor of any sort, really.
    I still class them as such, though I do love how they come to such "earthy" (I can't think of a better word either) ends through electronic means.

    Oh, have fun :p. What are you studying at Uni?
    I like that second song. I guess they're not really my style, from what I can tell, though.
    Here's Efterklang, really great electronic music from Denmark. Don't know if it'll be your cup of tea but I love their music videos :)
    There's just something so sweet and nostalgic about these videos. It's even a little unsettling.
    Sonic the Hedgehog? X-D
    Yeah I also like pretty much all genres. Lately though It's been metal and post-rock, with my favorites being Death and Godspeed You Black Emperor! My god "Dead Flag Blues" is just...amazing. Hmm, Placebo covered "Running Up That Hill" a la funeral dirge, right? That's the only Placebo I've ever heard, anyhow.
    Ah, that makes sense. Interconnectedness and whathaveyou.
    Well, let's see how far these fun logistics will go: what kind of music do you like? Favorite bands? :p
    Heh I was sort of wondering about that; I got the feeling I was semi-paraphrasing you in my explanation just now.
    Funny in a logistical sort of way? How so?
    A justification for my views?
    Free will: if it is as determinists say, then how did the concept of it even come about? This is a bit difficult for me to put into words, but I'll try. Humans must take responsibility for their actions. They have the ability of choice. It was under this assumption that a concept of "free will" was developed and defined. So, aren't attempts to discredit it then looking at it under a completely different definition? One incompatible with human beings?

    Did that make sense?
    (continuing) As for determinism, I don't believe in that either. To say that an event "HAD" to happen a certain way is foolish, in my opinion. It's just hindsight bias. (Also, I'm too fascinated by the idea of parallel universes to invest in it.)
    It all seemed like common sense wrapped up in sensational semantics: you weigh your options and when there is greater weight in one side vs the other, that is what you choose. To me, this is just how logic works. To say this is deterministic ignores the idea that one's train of thought can stop at different stations and develop with different results.

    So I don't know where that puts me. And yourself?
    I'll admit that's one of my shortcomings. Too much thinking (and feeling :p) and not enough doing.

    Heh, funny you should mention that. This summer I watched a youtube video with a particularly obnoxious user giving his views on determinism. I was annoyed by him enough that I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning trying to come to a conclusion. As I understand it, free will is the idea that one can act without the interference of "external agencies" ? If that is correct, then no, I deny free will. I think that everything we do is based on external agencies, whether we use the information directly or interpret it to fit with our ideas.
    Again, that is as I understood it. If you have a clearer definition I'd like to hear it.
    Well I guess it depends on where someone draws the line for self-adjusting. Some can say they did this, and heavy encouragement from friends and advice and whatnot still translates into them self-motivating to take certain actions. Others can do it completely in their own heads, which I'm guessing is what you are referring to. Either way, ultimately I agree that despite what degree of "independence" of mind one takes, everyone is responsible for themselves.
    Absolutely. The vivid colors and quirky style are commendable.

    And that is where I disagree: most people can't live from their internal world alone. I'm sure they would like to have the option of that kind of stability, but for many, retreating means becoming fixed in the same patterns and becoming stuck in a cycle of irrational justifications.
    Wuh-oh, I think my F is showing :)
    Both the turtle and human look so...excited.

    I think it's a fairly natural tendency, especially in modern times since people have become so isolated. They need an idea of how others are getting on, and perhaps imagine themselves in situations different than their own.

    And yes, it absolutely does.
    (My knowledge of them: big butt, eight offspring, respectively. And just you wait for octomom's syndicated show. Glorious.)
    You should MS paint that and help out my poor imagination skills :) Now I'M imagining one of those troll dolls that used to be so popular with the hair hollowed out in the middle. And now I wish I had one.
    I'm sure a lot of it has to do with ego, especially with Steve Wilkos. You always get some tough guy who tries to match wits or volume, thinking he'll win, and it just ends up being pathetic. If anything, people may realize their lives aren't as crappy as they think they are when compared to those losers.
    The worst shows are the TLC and E! reality shows though. My mom watches them all the time and I simply can't fathom why anyone would want to watch Kim Kardashian or John and Kate run around doing stuff that really isn't that special.
    I figured it was some ultra-trendy cut. It could be like a V-neck, but on someone's head :-D
    His show is strangely addicting, though, as shows with dysfunctional parents and sex-addicted teen crackwhores tend to be. My complaint is he always interrupts guests' attempts to defend themselves. Sometimes, all you want to do is hear them explain what "happened" without an angry orange man screaming them to silence.
    That's all so terribly complicated. Which is why I have been sporting the same cut since the sixth grade. What is a shirt haircut?

    And look me in the eye and tell me this man is not the definition of cool, popular, and majestic:
    From a female's perspective, it frightens me. I think it has more to do with "once you start you can't stop." I had a friend with really nice shiny gold hair that went brunette, and I don't think she can go back.
    Aye, but then you'll be the enigmatic bald man. And if you try remedying this with a hat you will be the enigmatic bald man with a beret. There's no way out!
    Ha, your hairdresser encouraged you to go bold? Mine is constantly playing it safer than I am. I tell him to cut it an inch and in the end he snips off half of that.
    In all boldness, I'd want to go kool-aid red. I wish there were a way for me to do that without it permanently staining my hair. Until then, I've got photoshop X-D
    I just noticed that everyone seems to comment on your hair.
    Looks cool though. Is it hard to maintain, what with the dark roots and everything? I'm naturally blonde but I've been entertaining the idea of going suuuper light.
    I did not realize red was the color of sarcasm. I appreciate the information and effort on your part to avoid misunderstanding.
    Have a miserable sodding day, won't you?

    I now have Melkor captive so that should put an end to any shenanigans between the two of you.
    Too excited to sleep? Or maybe you just left the puter on ... and it's just me awake in the middle of the night.

    Whatever - what cheese said - Happy 21st!!:king-twitter:
    I agree - where did you go? I liked your contributions.

    And the hair is superb. Of course mine is like that too really but only because I'm OLD.

    and you look a little like my daughter which is strange cos her birthday is tomorrow.
    HEY! Don't listen to lor! She just wants to steal me away of course.

    I wouldn't mind, she is rather pretty, but she's also a mother.


    I'll admit, your profile picture *is* somewhat distracting, but being a moral chap I shall say no more on the matter.

    Hey, where did you go anyway?


    let me warn you about Melkor...

    he has an unnatural and unhealthy obsession for Sephiroth... your hair is likely to provoke him to make certain ...umm... suggestions that you may find you want to decline. Running away is always an option... as is throwing any book of classical literature at his head and ducking behind the nearest shrubbery.

    Yeats should do it.

    "small talk" eh? That's a high price to pay... even for hair like that...

    I knew a guy years ago whose hair was as naturally white as an albino's, but he still had coloured eyes... hmmm.... *stares into distant past*
    Dead huh?

    Oh well.

    But hey, don't give up on zombies, I hear they make great roommates.


    Ermmm...lilac is just a wee bit too gay for me.

    I prefer natural colours anyway.

    or natural Irish landscape colours, which don't include purple.

    Nice avatar, makes me want to jump on said persons face.

    Yeah, what Lor said, you're a total freak!


    I always wanted silver hair, or maybe red...no wait...

    how about green?

    -pokes Lors contact box-

    Oh...shes dead...

    Hey there new guy!

    Wait.... that's not a wig? You dyed it yourself?


    I've been thinking of trying the same thing for so long ...'cept I really want to be silver... like Sephiroth. :D

    *resolves (again) to try it*

    Seeing a youngster ;P with actual snow-white hair is kind of freaky.
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