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  • heya dude!

    mmm, well it ceased being a project. nonetheless i've refined my personal understanding quite well, for what it's worth. i now know exactly what all the types look like, etc, but the info is just in my brain. c.c

    what are you up to these days?
    Sure 11Veil. Give it a try. There seem to be so many views of this floating around if I try to put them all together I'm inclined to think I will please no one, lol.
    Hey ElvenVeil.

    I've been a little away from the forum... I don't have formal training in economics, but I did study some parts of it to apply in my research. Increasingly it is something that occupies my free time as a hobby =)
    Hello ElvenVeil,

    I was quite a fan of Keynesian Economics back in my teenage years. I read several macroeconomic texts books and made it my mission to learn the models. At the same time I was learning micro. I guess my mind started to change when I research the Great Depression and learned that public policy specifically made prices sticky. Interestingly enough, I turned off Keynesian Economics when I read the General Theory. I found it to be incoherent ramble.

    I started researching other schools of economics such as the post-Keynesians and Austrians and found that they had better predictive capabilities. In the case of the Austrian School, methodology I believe to be correct.


    I would say I'm pretty even on S/N (if we use that system) too. Hence I'd probably identify myself as IxxP. ^^

    As you know I'm not one who likes to spin my (Ne) wheels in circles and get nowhere. I have great reverence for sensory data and rely on it quite a lot for my understandings - rather than just speculating and abstracting concepts.
    It looks like an excellent game, but it still hasn't been released here. -__-

    Oh! You really must play X, it was a beautiful game.
    Cute polar bear. :}
    Hi ElvenVeil, don't know if you remember our discussion about me being an INTJ/P hybrid.... I've tought about it for a bit. My high Ne/ Ti scores might be either my ENTP shadow functions becaue my boss is an ENTP or I might have learned them from my INTP friend. I've noticed that I only do Ti when it's about one of my pet peeves (e.g. "misdiagnosis of INTJs/INTPs as Aspies", "can men and women be friends", "you must show your feelings"). When these topics are concerned, I don't rest until I've defined every term as accurately as possible. But it does drain me more than Ni. Don't know where the high Ne scores came from, will have to think about it.
    Hi there!

    Sure, yeah. I actually plan on relaying information all at once on the forum in a few weeks. I apologize. At present it's not entirely ready (mostly, though) but you'll definitely know when it is. :3
    The relationship between the only two elements of that system and that relationship's relationship with the function of that system. A system, in this scenario, is a relationship between a function and it's elements, and the relationships between elements.

    I would gladly share them. I don't often make models but I make several concept maps on a daily basis. I don't share them because they're often too specific and conventional.
    I don't recommend looking into my diagrams that much. These were made months/year ago, and I find them severely lacking intricacy and most importantly, objectivity.

    You mean why is the 'circle' in the lower left corner unlabeled? Because it's a 'model' or a visual illustration, instead of a concept?

    I definitely have some ideas on how one should organize diagrams. Arranging it via a central perspective seems right.
    Hum, I don't believe myself to be more P than most INTJs, just more P than some INTJs I know. Let me think about your question and I'll get back to you when I've found a meaningful answer :)
    Hi, thanks for your message :) Yep, I'll try to keep posting. But seeing as I've got some P traits as well, procrastination might get the better of me :D
    What an annoying song. XD

    So true though! I do buy every Final Fantasy game expecting it to be brilliant, but at least in my opinion, it almost always is.

    Have you heard of FF type 0?

    Chocobo breeding returns! Along with world maps and Chocobo riding. :D

    (Though don't watch the intro, a really cute Chocobo dies and you might cry.)

    "You can't just fuel an engine with dead cats, for example.."

    This is why I like your posts..

    (Although, to be a real nit-pick, one could fuel a small engine with dead cats (gases developing from the decomposition of cat bodies...))

    ...hmmm....you got me thinking now...:borg:
    Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I have not been on for awhile, lots of things going on.
    Yeah, I have seven, Eight and Nine on my psp, so I play them a fair bit. Only about twenty percent of the way through Hot or cold, because it's veeeery frustrating at times. ;-;

    Now, get in the sack!

    Don't worry, I'll just lock you in a stable with meagre running space, ride you like a horsie when the notion takes me and occasionally feed you aphrodisiacs so that you'll breed with your siblings and children.

    Haha, I will admit your post reminded me to say hi - so I do say, sir, you too have indirectly contributed to the unintentional correction yourself!

    ^ Christ, this is confusing. Time for a beer. :P
    Haha...did you say reply quickly? (It's been a month....oops)

    I have Min here with me at the moment :), so I am a little preoccupied with her delightful company. I shall however get back to you when I find a moment to contemplate your reply with some seriousness (focus...I am scattered right now...too much P flying around...)

    And btw...you didn't tell me which starting position favoured faster surfacing....now I'm intrigued too....I would have guessed it would float faster from a vertical position. Perhaps I should just take a bath. :S
    Hi Elven, thank you for your PM :)

    I crashed into a massive kangaroo last week, so I have been distracted and stressed, my car is a wreck...and I am upset about the roo :( People are saying it is incredible I didn't get hurt. I don't want to think about that :phear:

    I shall write to you very soon :)
    Thank you, I absolutely adore this :) I really like Edgar Allan Poe, I actually picked up an old collection of his short-stories again the other day. I need some gothic perspective these days...

    I shall reply to your PM when I've got a couple of assignments out of the way :)
    Thanks Elven :)

    It is a painting by William Blake. To analyse it....wow, I'm going to need some time to put into words. There is so much going on in this picture.

    Ok, PM coming up..
    Haha...it was long and enjoyable. :) My laptop has crashed, so it may be a few days....I think I need a new harddrive. :phear: I'm writing from the university computer so have to be sparse with internet-time.....

    Keep your fingers crossed my files are ok.....I have hundreds of hours of music, pictures, etc...and I procrastinated over getting an external harddrive...I hate myself right now :beatyou:
    Hi Elven, I'm going out in the field for a week, so if you don't hear from me it's because I'll be wrestling giant cod. I don't even know where I'm going....mystery tour.
    Hi Elven, your PM was long, and I like long PM's. It is going to rain tomorrow, so I will dedicate the time to reply properly then :)
    Yes, the word limit of VM's is...limiting. Perhaps we can PM instead.

    *has moment of enlightenment*

    Uh....I'm going to send you a PM. Don't know how many points of your VM I'll remember to address though...my memory sucks. Too many interesting things at once. Especially the Polaris clever part, that made me laugh for all the wrong reasons. I couldn't think of a bigger bimbo than myself.
    I study environmental science and management. Part-time. So I get to do some science-related work in my spare time. I also hold a sales-assistant job in an Australian cross-country ski shop. Sadly I don't get to ski very often as Australia has a very short season. By different kind of member I mean....hmmm. Not American, perhaps, I don't know. There are a lot of Americans here. You seem to be quite open-minded and rather positive. Not saying everybody else isn't, but a large proportion of members seem quite depressed and even apathetic. Which I have to admit I fall into myself at times. Comes with the personality. I am drawn to caring, positive people. You seem that way inclined. But everyone has their dark side, of course. Perhaps you aren't showing it as much or perhaps you have more inner peace. /Ramble
    Hi Elven,

    Hm. Yes. I haven't even been lurking. Just "got back" in the last few days. I needed some distance from the forum for a while. A bit like when you are living with someone, and you just get tired of their personality. Doesn't mean you don't love them though. I am feeling a certain degree of withdrawal now...Also been flat out with study and work. I spend days and sometimes weeks away with a small research unit, doing fieldwork.

    Come forth....?:phear: Hmmm....maybe. I'm terribly shy and guarded.

    Glad to see you are posting though. You are a different sort of member. Refreshing. :)
    Hey dude, I promise to let you know if I do. I've had a break from playing online for a while but I've been considering starting up again. Have you played diplomacy much then? (:
    You are just the nicest man ^_^
    I enjoy this forum far too much to give it up, although I may need to cut down as my studies pick up :(
    It is quite funny how the context in which I'm judged can change how I'm perceived by such a large margin. I am known in RL to be off in the clouds a lot, then I come here and apparently I'm well grounded ;)
    This is my default style of writing, but I also have another online persona or two that don't value logic quite so much, so don't hold me to too high a standard XD
    My Elven, what big eyes you have! Does this make you a hit with the ladies?
    Hello ElvenVeil,

    I am an INTP. If that is not your question, I type with all ten fingers. Is that how INTP's type?
    Maybe I got a bit overexcited with the whole Tweedy thing. Well, there was one picture when he was younger...nevermind.
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