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  • Thank you, and thank you for your help! Also nice to know there's other Scandinavians here as well :)
    There's a webcomic I've read that anthropomorphizes the Nordic countries and you look exactly like its version of Denmark. :D

    (well about as far someone can look like a webcomic character.)
    Hi Elven

    Sorry it took some time.......I'm terrible. I'm just lurking as well at the moment. Don't have much to add to discussons. I like existential/spiritual stuff, not that I'm overly spiritual. But there's something there, hmmm

    I'm from Norway, but live in Australia at the moment. When I say at the moment, it's actually been almost 16 years.....I'm a little homesick though. You're Danish, I've figured. Where in Denmark are you? What do you pass your time doing?

    I have only just set up a msn account, but not using it at the moment. Perhaps I should....

    *adds Elven*
    That is cool, I suppose. I don't really like Copenhagen though. Except for Christianshavn (which as become way to "preppie-cool" as well as Christiania. But that's just me, hehe.
    I've seen you around. I am always watching.

    I wasn't too psyched with the new one myself, too much white for this shady place, so I got myself a new one again.
    I'm part Norwegian (mother) part Danish (father) But I was born in Denmark on Bornholm, moved to Copenhagen (Amager) shortly after birth. Moved back to Bornholm when I was 10. So Bornholm it is =)
    You're not. He would never put
    a space between the eyes and
    the grin (:

    Where am I from? I don't know.
    I live in the US, though. You are
    from Denmark.
    When are you going to post some more stuff? I liked what you posted in Min's thread. You seem nice, despite being a continental Scandy :beatyou::D
    Haha yeah.
    Well i wanted to confirm myself as a part of the community otherwise it would've been a disaster.
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