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  • Weasel aka Ermine, where have you scampered off to ? I miss seeing your familiar "face" around here. Has college devoured you ?
    I wonder if [0]effect realised he was a compulsive liar? *shrugs*

    Hi btw, lol. :)
    Also stop playing dumb with me.

    "Why do you care? Oh wait you dont" answers are like kidsgarden storiesz.

    Learn to take criticism. Its part of life. Get used to it.
    Humans are the only species that lie. They have become compulsive liars.

    You never pursuit any of that. They are all major bulls. You were just in the "mood" and felt as if what you wrote was accurate and genuine.

    In your every day life, you barely remember your own "pursuit".

    The reminisce hits you back when you log in here and you read it again for the 1000th time.

    Dont get so defensive. I am not the one who is being hypocritical about it nor do I make up a a-feel-good-factor to justify the major inconsistencies in me.
    "I'm a person in search of truth, happiness, balance, and great art"You dont actually believe that do you? *rolls eyes*
    I just sent you a lengthy PM about classical guitar. Hopefully it went through and didn't send twice XD
    haha ok. I'll cya around... probably around breaks or whenever, then.

    Goodd luck, and enjoy :)
    I just saw that, literally 10 seconds ago. It was the last thread I read before checking what the notification was. I had no idea you were starting college!

    Get out there and enjoy yourself :). There's a whoole lot of opportunity out there--especially for a freshman; you'd be missing out on a lot if you just hung around here the whole time.
    cool artwork :). I like what you did with the lights especially.

    are you any of the people in those pictures, or were they just friends/invented people?
    Love the street art, i think anyone could appreciate that too. So original and awesome.

    Whooo! Thanks! Banksy too! I already knew about him, a friend told me. But i really love him xD
    I really love surreal art. It reminds me of sci fi :]

    So do you watch any TV or movies? I really haven't seen anything interesting on TV besides PBS. I've been really enjoying Stanley Kubrick's movies recently.

    Here are some links


    I've been interested in typography for a long time and I'm taking a class this semester. It's really exciting.
    I've gone from alternative to jazz to bossa nova, whatever sounds good to me. I tend to stay away from most mainstream which makes it difficult to relate to other people who only listen to a few artists. I've been listening to some metal recently too, iron maiden is one of my favorites xD

    I really haven't searched much art but I'm really interested in it. I may take a class. Could you link a few sites that you vist to find art?

    Haha, go ahead. I love links, gimme something to do today :)




    *voice trails away*
    You play the guitar in your mental arena? Hahaha omg I play the piano in my mind! (not that I'm any good at it in either scenarios, though)
    mkay. I considered you to be a friend to begin with, so may as well make this official. Good luck with your INTP collection.
    Hey, sent you a friend request. Not sure what the point of it is, since we're all friends here but what the heck, I'm starting a collection.
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