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  • "I am a very shy person who lives on the Internet"

    You do know the the "Imma shy person okish" sentence is one of the most if not, the most hypocritical sentence right?
    I didn't mean to call you angsty or anything of the sort. I was more indicating that there was a lot of heightened emotions involved. It literally made me jittery to read as your story unfolded. :) I find time and lots and lots of analysis heals all :D I would recommend you try to get your mind of it for a while but I know how impossible that is. I wouldn't be able to in your situation. *mental hugs*
    Why thank you ^_^ - I don't recognize your name, did you change it? And if so, who were you before? lol, sorry!

    Edit: Oh, you just joined! Welcome to the forum! XD
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