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  • Hello! Some of the new guys are Pretty cool actually. And some good debates. And drama ofc.
    Wine and women, my friend.

    I found myself an intp lady. She's genius, but you can't have her, cause she's mine.

    And yeah, done now, what else am I meant to do but game? :(
    How've you been?
    Oh you and your games...

    I guess I will have to settle for this measly pizza in my freezer.
    Entertain me! Find me the finest women and most sought after delicacies!
    I chase down drug dealers.

    Just kidding.

    I work for Social Security as a Requirements Analyst. (In essence, I write the design documents that the programmers use to develop code. So I mediate between the userbase and the development team to make sure we know exactly what the users need the software to do.) We write disability program software to determine who gets covered by the gov vs doesn't.

    It's a living.

    What do you do, besides freelance chemistry? :D
    I never actually smoked. Had a chance once a few years ago, the next day I found out I was being hired by the feds. But I don't like smoking anyway, I have asthma and allergy issues.

    Well, I'm on a shoestring budget. I rarely buy booze when I'm out (a decent martini will run me about $8-11 where I live), and while I don't buy the highest quality booze (my palate isn't discerning enough to deserve that), I can't stand the cheapest. So I'm typically spending $14-22 for a bottle of something or other, which right now I can't afford to do very often.

    Meanwhile, I can buy a 2L bottle of Diet Coke for $1-$1.50 or so depending on sales.
    Okay, thank you. Illegal in France I'm pretty sure ha. LSD was actually suprisingly easy to find, you just have to hang out in the right places (philosophy students is a good start) and talk to the ones with Quirky styles. There's definitely a psychedelic "look" for some reason, I can spot them a mile away. Well, in any case I've decided that this year I'm going to work hard and save the psychonaut experiences for when I'm carefree and have nothing to do. Time for this INTP to give structure to her life ^^ What do you study/do btw?
    When I drink alone at home, usually I either go online and act stupid (still trying to find people to goof around with, I guess), or I play video games and laugh at the craziness of trying to play a game when I'm soused.

    I think one of the better reasons for cutting back my alcohol intake was the impact on my checkbook. I like hard drinks (and dislike beer), so keeping my stock up to date with basics and trying new things really can be expensive.
    Meh. Must be all the nitrates in it. I do okay with sangria, just not straight red wine.

    I actually like getting drunk. It removes inhibitions and I can just live in the moment without overthinking everything and restricting so much of my behavior. I usually get all goofy and laugh a lot. The thing is my body can't take a lot of it, and it costs money, and it's always more fun with someone else around.
    I usually don't get hangovers either (although I do drink water to prevent dehydration), but then again I don't get buzzed easily much either anymore. :( Red wine will easily make me sick, though.

    Well, enjoy the buzz for both of us!
    yes apparently I can just order them on the internet, I don't suppose you know if that's reliable do you?
    I've only tried LSD so I wouldn't know, but I've been told they're extremely different, apparently it's harder to bad-trip on mushrooms because you're continually occupied with something new? It might be bullshit. LSD can be frightening, interestingly, within the group of people who took it (we'd all determined our mbti types) the F's were the ones who had more trouble avoiding bad trips and were "shook up". Interesting no? I had a good (if disturbing) time.
    Meh, something about psychedelia I believe :D? well actually yes, although I got the pleasure of meeting other NT's IRL this year, which hasen't happened as often as I would like. It's only an illusion when I leave anyway, I still lurk :)
    Hello there, I'm back for real this time, are you alive? I suppose what we were talking about two months ago isn't really relevant to you anymore. Anyway, see you around the forum, feel free to drop a line.
    I've written my reply and posted almost all of it--my parents turned the Internet for the night. I hope that I can cure him of this plague upon his mind. Good night, Etheri.

    I'm engaged in a titanic battle with a religious fellow--a former atheist, no less--on Redwall Abbey forum. His fallacies are so deeply hidden among layers of sound and intuitive reasoning that untangling one of his abominations has taken me three whole days, and each post is pages long. I'm about to leap back into the fray and take another chunk out of his logic.

    *breathes in* May the Force be with me.

    oh, too bad u ain't a sexy gyal... I thought it was my lucky day.
    So what does a fellow belgian dude do here? no other INTPs in Belgium?
    Do you know where I can meet some other INTP's in Brussels btw?
    Both "ax" and "axe" are acceptable spellings, and I use the American spelling because... well... I live in the US. :)

    As grave as I might seem in our debate, I enjoy it, too; I've learned much from it, and you're quite the sharp opponent. But your head will split like a log beneath the ax if you don't rest, so sleep tight, friend. :) *tucks Etheri in*


    P.S. I've finished editing my response. Thanks for telling me.
    Ow wow... "Cba with the thread, goin' to bed. " is kinda offensive... It is rather mean to say that like that. Did you mean it with this anger? (That anger in that sentence). Or was the sentence purely written for the sake of logic (Logical thinking). ?
    Haha! I wasn't serious when I said homeless people are stupid. It was merely a joke for the purpose of the thread... :D
    True, true ^_^
    Love is great, hehe. <:
    Leave me be as you wish, but feel inclined to bother me WHENever you want :D
    I owe humanity my effort, always. I have that pride. I have that shame. It is what makes me human. I can't stop myself from doing that what I think is righteous to do.

    But yeah, I get your point. Thanks. It's just that I recognize his actions with myself. And I hate it if the world (other people), don't give me feedback. I just want people to be honest with me, specially if they think I'm wrong or anything. So even though I might seem very angry or something, it probably ought to do with that I want to be honest.

    But once again, I get your point. I will take notice of it in the future, thanks ;)
    It's all genuine, really, but I do have other emotions-- anger, frustration, etc.-- that can make me post mean things; the same applies in any relationship, regardless of how much we 'love' the other person. I've introspected recently and found that my relative lack of real life friendships has contributed to my outpouring of emotion here-- that I'll hug even a cold, bare piece of silicon rather than go without. *shudders* Chilling, isn't it?

    I've posted in the thread. And I agree with what you are saying, but that would simply mean that our classification judgment of types would shift. An objective methodology now, won't be objective in 1000 years. At least in my worldview. If I'm right, idk. But I wish to know the truth. If you could persuade me to be on your side of this argument, I will. But for now, it's warm on my side too. Read my post, maybe you'll sit with me. It's warm here, I promise. :D

    Anyhow, in the context of 16 humans. There must be 1 of each type if there indeed would be a 16 personality type system. That's just a fact. :P
    Whether this is global, might not be a fact. I'm still considering everything at this moment.
    I don't think truth is singular either. However, within a context, 1 singular truth can be made. (Wherein 1 conclusion accounts for all possible data within that context) So what I meant is that it is possible to combine our truths to form a transcending truth, ergo to combine our contexts to form the one true context. (I hope that makes sense :D) (I agree with what you said about truth)

    I think that types may only seem more common as people tend to do things their equals do aswell. E.g. Teachers will most probably be one of these types .... And TV-Presenters will likely be one of these types ... Etc. But if we would combine everything (even that what is less known), we would end up with the types being equal in quantity. Ofcourse, if I'm right is a mystery. However, I have theory that would imply it to be right. I'll try to think it out some more before I try to formulate this theory (about relativity) properly.
    Ah you are so nice, thanks. I think that I understand what you are trying to say, but I believe that what you are trying to say completely misses the point I was trying to convey in my Thread-Post. It may be that you simply disagree, or that I made a mistake. I'll consider both and respond in the thread once I know how to properly convey my point whilst accounting for your point aswell.
    Let it be clear that my conversations be for the purpose of truth, not eager. Probably like you, I am a truth seeker. How we seek it though, differs. But the truth, is singular.

    What I'm trying to say is that I admire you and wish not come across as something else. It may also seem that I discard your arguments with no remorse. I hereby tell you that's not true either. I'll consider your arguments, probably for months.
    When I post something I may come across as defensive, or offensive or w/e... I hereby tell you that I merely try to make sense. I'm not an INTP so the way I communicate naturally differs from yours. However, that does not mean that my intention (as in good or bad) differs. I'm doing my best to come across as nice as possible. Obviously I have trouble doing so.
    No no don't worry, I've just been logging on less, you shall get your message I promise, plus I just tried LSD for the first time three days ago so I shall have many things to say which you will hopefully find interesting.
    The film is called In Bruges! Watch it, it's perfect.
    I'm an INTP who adores social gatherings and parties as long as they aren't constant, I need lots of time alone to replenish in between, otherwise I go crazy. And yes I need the alcohol as well. The festival sounds like the Nuits Blanches in Paris, I love that sort of thing.
    And yeah, prices here are outrageous...
    Your sentence was perfectly correct, so not bad as far as I can tell. Tourists in Paris... are the reason the French have a reputation for being rude because they think they are fitting in by behaving like their idea of "arrogant Parisians". I find the French are usually extremely courteous, if someone bumps into you in Paris and doesn't say "excusez moi" it's most likely not a Parisian. It's true they don't smile much, but that's just not their form of politeness, the codes are just different. That's what I think anyway, and obviously I'm generalising.

    Random questions: Have you been to Bruges? I would love to go (and yes it's partly because of the film, I'll admit).
    I asked out of curiosity, because I like your posts :-) Dutch is an awesome language, plus you can understand Afrikaanz I think? Do you like Die Antwoord?
    Are you looking at my alternative path one? The older one I wrote has errors. There's also more, but it's so simple that it is difficult to explain.
    Hey dude. So do you speak Dutch and French as well as English? I stalked your threads (flattering right?) and saw you were Belgian.
    Yes. Haha. I'm only joking.

    I really don't know too much about you. We haven't been involved in the same posts for a long time. From our previous conversation on here you describe yourself as a 'stupid drunk'? Haha

    Have you figured out how to stop thinking yet? I think I finally came to the same realization you did about all my thinking being flawed. It all come down to nothing matters, a depression happened then I came back and figured that all my thinking is useless.

    Me and snafu have also been trying to figure out enlightenment. I have a feeling snafu did and now I finally fully understand it. Just an update on myself. ^_^
    It is a great show because, although there are pastel colored talking ponies, it's not all happy. Some episodes have oddly dark themes. Two major military conflicts have been depicted in the series so far, along with many fights against antagonists. Since the main character is the protege of the kingdom's monarch, My Little Pony has some elements of political drama, especially since the season finale in two weeks will feature this main character becoming a co-ruler of the kingdom (a plot development that is highly controversial in the Brony community.)
    Spoilered for lots of Youtube links.
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