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  • Sorry if I confused you re: my prediction on downtime. While the prediction for time down was a geometric sequence, without a doubt, I had also predicted a constant time in between, saying that it would probably be down the next day for 4 days... Hope that clears things up.
    Haha, you're welcome then, I guess. As I suppose the situation could be interpreted in a near infinite number of ways, I doubt any individual interpretation matters much, but if it helped you, then I suppose it was meaningful.

    Thanks. :) Helping people with anything, I think, even makes life somewhat meaningful.
    My general philosophy in life: in every action you make, cause the least amount of destruction possible. A shotgun, for me, would not only be too easy, but also far too reckless.

    I would only use the shotgun if I was feeling vengeful. Or, I may use a flamethrower, or a grenade launcher. Anything which causes an entirely unnecessary amount of damage. But I would definitely regret it later.

    In case I am beginning to not make sense, I long ago turned the door story into a giant metaphor, where the door is an action that I make and the manner in which I open the door is how that decision will affect others.
    Of course, in the event that I should come across any locked doors, I would most definitely have a set of lockpicks (and the ability to use them), having already thought of that possibility. Improvisation works, but not nearly so well as planning for something to happen.
    Maybe that's true. I have the paranoia myself, often, in fact. But I don't believe that could possibly be true in every single case, or at least couldn't say that with any certainty. Maybe there are some things which are or should be simpler than appear.
    I notice you use 'we' in your signature when you are presumably the only person around in that situation. Do you do something along those lines often?
    I knew you were a good man :)
    SAM originally stood for Serbian Annihilation Movement, but I think your suggestions are better.
    It shall from now until forever be known as Squad (of) AliaD's Minions.
    You just made Drill Sargent.
    Congratulations, soldier.
    Well, the main goal of SAM is to entertain me, and trust me, it is a worthy cause.

    So, would you be willing to give your life in a way that involves a tiny car and giant boots? Red nose too.
    Yeah, but their candy is nice and clean, mine's been at the bottom of that purse for at least 15 years, is sticky and has bits of dust and crumbs stuck to it, so you're safe.
    You seem nice. Good to have you here. Here, have some candy.
    *hands you some sticky candy from the bottom of her old woman purse*
    *pinches cheek*
    My dog burst through my bathroom door
    when I was standing in my tub shaving
    my legs and I jumped and I sort of liked
    the way it looked.
    "*Finds door*

    - Shit, it's closed.
    - Well, this door is made of wood. Wood can react with oxygen in combustion. Now we just need a source of fire... Oh, Yeah, we could take out the doorknob and break it in two parts, then use friction to ignite a spark, that spark may put fire on that door. Once it's on flames, it will be consumed. And then we can go through.
    - Or maybe we could kick it down.
    - Nah, too simple.

    For some reason, for me, the most complicated solution is always the best solution."

    Do you always keep a screw-driver handy?
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