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Fiddling Lass

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  • I have seen your picture and as a ENTP I must agree

    I watched your youtube video titled
    "geekery" where you play music. I
    really enjoyed it. So much so I sat
    on the floor in my front hall and was
    grooving to it when my little brother
    and his friends walked in the front
    I thought it was pretty obvious Wilde was an ENTP.

    He was a social demon, and highly satirical.
    Your tribute is an insult! Your meagre, feminine *eugh!* charms can never compare to the majestic faggotry of Wilde!

    This guy wore stockings, stockings!!!

    I condem thee to the bowels of literary hell, along with Myers, Rowling and Kipling!
    Vile! Vulgar! Malicious and improper!

    I shall slay you were you stand!

    Wilde happens to be one of my favourite literary figures, you do not do him well with your indecency!
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