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Recent content by Firehazard159

  1. Firehazard159

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    You are on INTPf, but he is an ENTP. :)
  2. Firehazard159


    Hello everyone, long time no see ^_^ And @Cognisant - I can speak to this topic pretty extensively, though I'm not as much up on the current stuff, feel free to ask whatever - my latest equipment is the Rift & Vive, and I have an omni-treadmill and a few other peripherals. What you really...
  3. Firehazard159

    worst possible career

    I'll never understand this, but maybe it's because it's just a means to an end for me. I can work any job and not particularly hate or like it. I do try to pick jobs that teach me something or help me grow in some way, but now I do do a paper pushing job. And most of the work isn't pointless...
  4. Firehazard159


    It sounds like you haven't been to hell yet :l (Also, sorry if you updated the thread with hell visitation later on, I mostly just skimmed the beginning of this thread :P)
  5. Firehazard159

    The art of an INTP

    http://firehazard159.deviantart.com/ I don't do art often but I usually enjoy it. I suffer the same as others; none of my stuff is ever good enough in my eyes. Also pretty musically inclined, but I never record anything I make up.
  6. Firehazard159

    Okay :-) I'm not online that often, usually play by request, so I'll make an effort to be...

    Okay :-) I'm not online that often, usually play by request, so I'll make an effort to be online this weekend :-P
  7. Firehazard159

    The Hip-hop Thread.

    A lot of good stuff there, completely agree. I've always personally classified "Rap" as being the main stream crap, and "Hip Hop" being more the underground stuff that actually has a beat and good lyrics, but I don't know how widely accepted that distinction is :P
  8. Firehazard159

    The Hip-hop Thread.

    Main two Hip Hop artists I've liked are Deltron 3030 (Also, del the funky homo-sapien, same guy in the Gorillaz album) See: YouTube - Deltron 3030 - Mastermind and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7r2X94iBbg As well as RJD2, which is sort of an electronic/hip hop crossover. I think a...
  9. Firehazard159

    You have a most enjoyable name ^_^

    You have a most enjoyable name ^_^
  10. Firehazard159

    DT - Read that "BannEd" very carefully :P

    DT - Read that "BannEd" very carefully :P
  11. Firehazard159

    Functions Roleplay Story - Discussion & Reactions

    Same :/ 'tis a shame. But then, it is free form enough for any of us to continue building on it... I already know I lack the confidence to attempt it though :P
  12. Firehazard159

    Coincidental Dreaming

    I do this, but the feel of the dream almost assuredly changes once I taint it with my conscious mind. Typically it takes a turn for the worse, the magic being broken.
  13. Firehazard159

    Songs to Play Twice

    YouTube - Electric Violin and Beatbox: The Devil Canon and YouTube - Pornophonique - Sad Robot (High Quality) I find much enjoyable :D
  14. Firehazard159

    To all the depressed/moody people out there

    Actually, since I've stopped exercising regularly, I've started feeling better. However, I don't think it has anything to do with exercising, just saying that it's not really an answer to all depressed/moody people. It definitely is something people should try, but really, there's plenty of...
  15. Firehazard159

    Foot Thread

    I have a longer second toe too. And no way am I posting my feet, they are atrocious >.>
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