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  • No. You just make
    assumptions (:

    I told you where I am.
    Not where I am from.
    Oh :x

    I get it now. Sometimes I
    can be blindly naive. It's
    an issue at times.

    I've been stalking your
    I'm being miserable and trying
    to figure my life out. It's pretty

    Right now I'm watching every
    episode of Sailor Moon with my
    life. That's what I'm doing. How

    Hahahaha. I'm so lame.
    I understand (:

    It's silly to pay for school when
    you're not sure it's what you
    Being open with your feelings
    is a really scary thing. But sometimes
    there is no other way.

    And I do like Yo La Tengo, but don't go
    prematurely falling in love with me. I hate
    being a disappointment.
    Oooh how lovely (:

    Travel is Dangerous
    and Burn Girl Prom
    Queen, I agree, are
    good as well.
    I'm from Novi Sad, it's about 100km north of Belgrade, if you're ever in the area, just let me know, it would be lovely to meet you :)
    I'm very glad you enjoyed it.
    If you ever come back to these parts, give me a shout, I can show you around a bit.
    I really did mean what I said there. Oh, I hope you don't mind me thinking of you as the "SpaceKitty", I just like that avatar very much :)
    And how did you end up in this part of the world? Not exactly a very touristy destination :)
    I'm very glad you liked it, though, and the tension, I guess is just what a lot of people around here live on. It's not pretty, but you learn a lot by observing it.
    Hey, I generally don't recommend music to people because tastes are so subjective but I've been listening to this album a lot lately I thought you might like it: Toe, For Long Tomorrow.
    Yeah, I've only listened to it once so far. It's so different than their previous two albums. I only like a few songs from neon bible and I loved funeral.

    I think I'm having a hard time with it because it jumps around stylistically so much compared to funeral. I'll check out Tamaryn, I've been listening to The Microphones a lot this month.
    I liked the New LCD album, but I think I like sound of silver more. Although This is Happening was a bit more varied.

    yeah, those are pretty different but I see the logic in grouping them.

    I've never really paid attention to genres so It's hard to pick it up now.

    Oh yeah, Neon Indian. Psychic Chasms is going to get a lot of plays this summer. I've never heard oOoOO.
    Yeah, I agree with you. It also sort of flows into one big song. There's just so much going on, it's almost impossible to fathom it all. I'm planning on getting Los Angeles now. I'm scared to name a favorite track before I really listen to it.

    What electronic artists do you like? I've mostly been listening to four tet, the avalanches and DJ shadow. I'm not if they all qualify as electronic considering I'm a bit unclear on what defines electronic.
    I've been contemplating purchasing the album after I've read so many good reviews. What's your favorite track on it?
    Oh, unplugging and soaking sounds good.

    Just make sure you don't plug then soak. That could lead to electrocution...ha...ha...yeah, okay that was a bad joke.

    You HAVE to post your photography when you get back.
    hey flow - I responded to your request at the other place but not sure you've been back to see it.
    I'm with you 100% on this. This is a part of the vision that Pod'lair is going to bring to fruition, we will have entire generations of children that have been honing their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses since they were born. We will be able to completely utilize the inspirational relationships between the ways types use their abilities and create unstoppable think tanks. Personally, I can't wait to see the current standards of psychiatry completely reformed, people are being diagnosed with "Disorders" that are nothing more than that person using their cognitive functions in the way they were naturally meant to. We have this idea that there is this "normal" personality that everyone is supposed to conform to, it is completely backward. Honestly, this is something that should be happening now, this mentality that everyone has the exact same personality has been holding us back for ages.
    Well I believe the personality is a biologically occurring phenomenon, and that one is born with all of their cognitive function hierarchical "wiring" already in place (So for instance, while an INTP's Fe might be underdeveloped, it is always existent.). I don't think all cognitive functions develop at once of course, they are very much muscles in that an infant is born with all of them, but they must be used before they can develop. With all that said, I would say you should technically be able to discern their personality type as soon as they are old enough to articulate, maybe even earlier than that. But I should note that you would have to have a very high level of mastery to be able to recognize cognitive function use at such a basic level. So it would be optimal to type a child after they have had a chance to maybe go to school and be around other people for about a year at least.
    Oh, I'm sorry. That does sound rough. Would like my invisibility cloak? It works wonders believe me! ;)
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