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  • Seemingly you like exerting power without regard for forum quality.

    We're talking about your arbitrary interpretation of forum rules. There is no specific rule applicable. I wrote harsh yet true words, offense was taken, a report was filed and now you think feelings matter.
    Not gonna compromise clarity just for the sake of someone's feelings. Besides, it'd be a larger insult to say the same thing in a nicer way expecting him to miss the content, which is a description of his mistake.

    I'm right, you're wrong. Why don't you ban me!
    Yes. Start using discord ~

    It's getting late, I think I'll write a PM tomorrow, unless you decide to use discord at some point. Feel free to write first ofc
    Haha ! :--D

    New member signs up

    Writes VM
    "hey, you seem interesting"
    "Oh, you're from --- ? Me too!"
    "Maybe we should meet up XD ;D XDD"
    No, ill post whatever i want fk yo... u cant take mah liberties

    nah jk,
    but is there any way to remove posts which you posted but immediately felt you wanted to remove it after 3-5 secs of posting :<
    Really I did, it was a reason why I'd return.

    Did you want to leave or is it out of your control?
    Can you be persuaded otherwise?

    -- apologies if my asking is inappropriate, though I'm genuinely concerned
    I was tipsy last night and got emotional.. but for real I don't want you to leave senpai.

    I used to be too intimidated to say anything but I always liked your skepticism, occasional edge and humor.
    Subconscious stress?

    I woke up in the morning feeling really strange. It took a few minutes to get any cognitive lucidity to Google the symptoms. Overwhelming "sense of urgency" and whatever the technical word for "Alice in Wonderland syndrome" is. Not enjoyabale.

    Just trying to be even more chill.
    I had my first ever 'panic attack' (anxiety attack) ever recently. That was a very weird and strange feeling. Not good, of course. Sucks about the stress, though I imagine the material itself won't be difficult for you. So that just leaves the overlord authorities, maybe.
    Yeah, its definitely a complicated issue, of that much I am sure.

    At this point I can only speculate what is the best way to approach this issue at this time.

    I know issues like this don't just go away on their own and there has to be a solution somewhere. Whether this happens on an individual basis or a group one is yet to be seen.
    See, the way you phrased it there leaves little room for argument. I could be totally off base IDK, just seemed like in context of what was happening in the thread if you would've put it that way in the first place I would not be able to retort. Anyways, I digress. I've noticed a couple more posts you've made that, while the reasoning behind them is solid, you didn't really drive the point home in a poignant way. I could be totally wrong though, just something that blipped on my radar.
    The post was you basically saying that all the people who are pro-life should adopt all the babies that would be aborted and you mentioned babies are not like animals where they can just survive on their own. I know you are better than that post, that is my point. I made a reply saying that there are probably more pro-lifers than there are aborted babies. I didn't even have to get into the fact that babies need care so they shouldn't be aborted (I'm on the fence for or against abortion fwiw).
    I'm not trying to tell you to be optimistic, I'm not either fwiw. I just get the sense that the mundaneness of things has caused you to not put as much effort into some of your posts as I know you are capable of. I could be wrong though. I am actually talking about a specific post you made, though can't be arsed to find it. I should not be able to make a reasonable argument against you. When I am able to do this, it makes it seem like you are not even trying. I could be looking too far into things though.
    You seem uncharacteristically unenthusiastic - like everything is idiotically mundane. Are you doing alright?
    Are you arguing that current moderation practice is sound or are you simply defending your own pride?
    I'm not reviewing moods, not my thing.

    If you want me to be more than reactionary, i will add: It's best not to continue moderating like this in the future.
    Sorry if i hurt your feelings, that wasn't my intention.

    You are being inconsistent, and i was referring to this all along, and it was obvious.
    Did you want the argument? "Present"? You people and your things.

    I don't know of any "attempts" to "bully mods" into banning Sinny91. I may have said she should be banned but, you know, it's the truth.

    "Whole picture" is bullshit. I browse this forum enough for whole picture.

    May i ask you to stop reviewing my mood? Maybe you could at least hold it until after you've made a point whatsoever..?
    No, my argument is that seeing as you are reluctant to ban a serial offender and spammer but comparaively trigger happy at minor offenders, there is an inconsistency in moderation. If you want me to argue why inconsistency in moderation is undesirable, i will oblige.

    There is no "imagined authoritative boogeyman". You are imagining that.

    I dislike a lot of members. I know that most of them don't deserve a ban.

    Anger is not part of my argument.
    Well how about you don't make "dramatic kneejerk" 2day "reaction" bans on the wrong people? I just made a thread pointing it out...

    I note that you have no arguments.
    wtf man chill out, step out of that quicksand and unlock my smart and nice thread

    also don't take it personally unless you should
    Fair enough.

    Request for you to review post 117 and put it back, if you deem it acceptable please.
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