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  • I should add that if you do call me, please leave a message if I don't answer. I usually don't answer if I don't recognize the number, but if you leave a message, I can program you and return your call. :p
    Crypto-ene, or whatever you're called these days, I just saw your message over on "the thread" about giving me a call. ;) Please do. I'd love to hear from you and find out what's going on in your life. I wouldn't mind at all. :)
    Oh wow. Sorry for neglecting this (presuming you're still checking your account.) I'm in the process of applying for a PhD position, which I've been semi-obsessed with for the last few weeks. I finished my undergraduate last year though, and am currently doing an MA - I've gradually moved over to literature and film.

    How have you been? You were starting a new job I think, last time we spoke - are you still involved in this, doing other things? Seems a few older members, LoR, Inappropriate Behavior, etc, are all coming back about the same time. (:

    I'm well. Those pictures were from two trips, Nepal I think I remember writing to you a little about at the time, Kilimanjaro was last summer. Being above the clouds is definitely one of the best things, but also just how alien an environment it is to what you commonly experience in the West. Stand behind a rock and there's basically 0 sound. Too used to the sound of cars on the periphery. And vivid dreams, of course. :D
    Response on its way dude. I wanted to watch a bit of Code Geass so I had something to say about it. I'm on episode 4 so should give feedback shortly :D
    I understand your use now of L as an avatar. I decided to watch Death Note earliar and have been for about 4 hours. I should likely go to sleep now though.

    Ahh, hope you are well, how are you? I am sorry I havn't been in contact of late, a lot has been happening (:

    (I think you posted on the personal relationships thread - thank you!)
    I've been good. I was laid off of my job this past summer, so I've been in an extended time of quiet self-reflection. It sounds great, but I've found just about every possible distraction in my life to keep me from making substantial life changes... it's a mixed bag. :) You?
    I'm really not a bitch is the
    sad thing. I'm working on
    growing a spine. :x
    There's one user in particular
    that I cannot stand due to
    their vanity. I bet you'd have
    no problem guessing who (:
    That's what I mean. I dislike
    it when people post photos
    of themselves once a week.

    Stereotypical beauty isn't
    ugly, though.
    I hate the INFJ photo thread
    and how it's all flattering
    pictures and compliments (:
    Lol, I'd rather people think I'm a sloppy
    drunk than some pretty girl posting
    flattering pictures of herself on an internet
    forum hoping for validation of her looks.

    You're right. You did tell me (:
    Who are you on the other forum?

    You have no responsibility to tell
    me to eat something. And I did
    eat today (: About an hour ago.
    A skinned leg is stereotypically
    sexy? Bones are stereotypically
    sexy? Hm. I never knew.
    I can't remember.. I was struck by a photon. All I remember is that you were there...

    Wait a second..you emitted that photon!

    ...when/why the hell did you change your name!? For the love of science, I wouldn't have even known you were still around if not for that signature. Explain yourself!
    Change your damn name back! This fullerene shit is getting on my nerves. I feel like I don't even know who the hell I'm talking to around here any more.

    love your avatar and that your a fan of BF. Been trying to come up with a small light portable geo dome for awhile. Cant figure out the best connectors. any ideas?
    "View Conversation" link???!!! Holy crap! I didn't even see that there... my world is expanding! Is there no end to the wonder???!!!
    I'm guessing she didn't read it, but on the bright side, I doubt it anything could change her mind right now anyway. At least you're able to remind everyone else that she doesn't reflect on your worldview just because she claims the same affiliation.
    Nice try reasoning with her. Its a bit frustrating when people have so clearly made up their minds in the absence of evidence. Hopefully she'll grow out of it.
    Hey crypt. How's it hangin...? I was just feelin kind of lonely so I decided to say "hi". You seem like a cool guy. I wish I knew you in real life man.
    Yes please do tell her.
    Mmm about your last PM.
    Heh. This is a classic example of me being presented with information.... wandering off to think about it and forgetting to come back. :)
    I did find it, it was about justification correct? When I'm feeling better I would really enjoying responding to your PM. *nods*
    Determining your Myers-Briggs Tye

    E is for Everyone Else

    was that typo deliberate or has it taken me 6 months to notice it? :-)
    A pity she's not doing it professionally - I was thinking I'd probably buy a CD of hers if it ever came out. I've heard a lot of amateur songwriting attempts that are terribly bland, so hers was refreshing. More adventurous musically, and in a coherent manner (unlike others that simply shoot off haphazardly and hope to hit the jackpot).

    If you do manage to cajole her into it and a collection of songs is born, notify us!
    Wow. I just had a listen to Snail's recordings that you linked, and they're beautiful. Did she write those songs? If so, even better.
    Time flies. :) It really seems like I was a wee young one in high school just last week. Crazy. Well, I probably ought to leave for real after tonight if I'm going to keep this commitment.
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