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  • I should indicate when I take my periodic absences from the forum because I've done it quite a bit over the years. I may take a brief one soon.
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    That is about it.

    If you need to see my videos to better understand me I have some in this thread right here.

    My video explanation of jungian functions
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    I was wondering, since you know how Auburns methods work, could you tell me what distinguishes an ENFP? I have made many videos that Auburn has seen yet he has changed his mind about me many times. All the people you mentioned in the 2016 elections thread all seem to fit. Especially Rubio. I really like Rubio. I am all over the place with my ideas. People here have said many times that I have Ne. I would not think that I am xNTP if you are correct about Sanders. That is why maybe ENFP is what I am. I had a really bad time in school because no one understood what I was saying. I also hear that ENFPs have the worst time in collage. Podlair put me as INFJ but I do not know how that transfers to Auburns method. Dario Nardi's book says Fi is good at listening and that Ti is the worst listener. I think this is why I am good at helping people.
    I'll link you some of my threads, soon. I've been busy and haven't had much time to be here in the past 3 weeks. I'm not sure how great the info I have is, but we'll see.
    Ok, I totally remember writing a message and submitting it, but if not then I'll try and make one.

    Are you saying my writing is...


    Ahh shucks.

    I can always imagine scenarios of sorts, but funding the actual events that create the situation is a little harder. We can all conceive of a theory that blows everybody's minds because its contradictory but correct, but how do you properly create it? Abyway, I'll get you a message. And yes, thanks for the support.
    Oh, yeah, I'm totally going to get around to the physics thing. I already tried to make that post, it got really long and was taking a lot of time and then it didn't happen. I tried to make another one in the new thread after you mentioned it, but that got really long and I thought I should put slightly more time into it too.

    So, uh, that's what happened there. :\

    (cheese, then cheese backwards)

    But I think you were added already?
    I laughed hysterically while reading your new avatar. :D

    That's exactly how I cook pizza rolls.
    Hmm I dunno.. Trying too hard to sell the gimmick may end up making it less hilarious. The thumbs up lady was enough extra for me to adopt the picture. :)
    I'd kinda prefer it if the sign was somehow spelt incorrectly or in broken English.

    'Has bad English. But have good orential foods!'

    i like the far side bit where a dyslexic man is trapped on a deserted island and tries to spell out 'HELP' in logs. a copter comes by with two guys, the first guys says, 'does that say 'HELP''? the other guy goes 'no, it's 'HELD'', so the first guy says, 'well, let's go'. leaving the dude stranded.
    "I wasn't nervous or anything but I was one of those passerby situations in which I just didn't really know what was going on, was walking somewhere and then boom! I shrugged it off, saying to myself "I didn't plan on doing much but observing tonight anyway..." but I admitted to myself that was just a cop out. "

    I HAAAAATE when I do that to myself. It happens all the time and makes me want to bludgeon my own skull with a two-by-four until I pass out. As I've grown older I've become comfortable, even skillful, with talking to the opposite sex, at least when it's in a relaxed, mostly static setting. For some reason though, I just CAN'T deal with those "on the fly" chance meetings that hold what could be possibly HUGE opportunity, but scare me away because I'm not allowed time to think and rationalize the situation.

    (Was going to make that a post, but then I realized I was in a gaming thread. XD So.... there you go!)
    Sir, your avatar is crude, and offensive! it's an abhorrent, disgusting avatar. I love it.
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