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  • I don't believe you have.
    I've been living in Hamilton for quite a while now. I would say around 10-11 years. Before that, I used to live in Montreal. My parents are considering moving to Windsor.

    I don't actually know any INTPs IRL. Hamilton is an okay city. I would say to stay away from the North side of Hamilton, that's what most people consider the "dirty" area, because of all the factories. It is a great city to live in. I would consider the Mountain one of the best areas, mainly because it's quite suburban. Downtown isn't too bad either.
    "C'mon, Cog... don't try that. America is not a continent. North America is. South America is. America on it's own is not. Although I agree that the country is the USA, not America."

    Interesting posts about the prison system. I read your posts and found them to be pretty revealing and important perspective to be exposed to. Thanks for sharing.
    No need to feel bad, it's just ignorance, not genuine callousness. Man the japanese are getting it pretty hard now though.
    No, he was handsome. He had purple irises but I don't think you do and flaming hair like yours. Also he was from the middle east and a devout muslim, I don't know why he was pale though. I always wondered where his hair and eyes came from ya know? I'm sorry if I offended you.
    Don't worry. I got it when I read the pattern which you counted.

    And, well, thank god that you're wrong. In two months or so, we would be able to log in the forums every once in a month. ;)
    Hehe, okay. Still wrong though :p

    I guess you'll probably just be wanting me to spill the beans already

    Thank you! :)

    Also, happy new year. May 2011 be a good year for everybody.

    I bet you didn't envy our weather yesterday - I think it went up to 40. Dry, windy heat. >.<

    Best wishes!
    Even though I envy the snow, I'm not sure I envy the cold weather. ...Yes, that is a paradox somewhat... Tis just that I'm the easily sick type of person. Mum says it's because I'm vegetarian. I choose to believe it's because I'm a lazy bum that doesn't get exercise often enough. Perhaps it's a combination of both!

    Hehe, you over-estimate my age :) I'm a high-schooler, currently enjoying the nothingness of summer holidays. Next year is my final year. I -have- decided to make the bike my main form of transportation to the train station, to the shops, etc. but I don't think it'll be realistic to get to school. You see, my mother is somewhat...over-protective, and I live over 15km from school. That might change next year though! So I won't be riding to and from school, but I shall be riding everywhere else!

    Thank you, Gru! (:
    *bringing some australian warmth to gru*

    I just wanted to say that you are right - biking in hot weather is the most amazing feeling! My bike is only a simple red street bike, but I love it to bits. I'm definitely making cycling my main exercise this summer. The adrenaline rush is amazing, and like you said, it cools you down. ^w^

    How's the snow?
    Haha, it was morning when I posted -- I actually live in Kentucky. [You don't get Doctor Who refs, do you? :P] So yes. I was busy. I hadn't slept.
    Sigh... Christmas in Summer would be fine if it weren't for the FLIES. And mozzies. Urgh. :P

    That kind of weather sounds like our summer rather than winter...if to summer, then yes, very similar! Yay, temperature in Celcius! ^^ How...can...you...exercise...in...the...forties... You must be veeery fit indeed. *admires*
    I would LOVE that! :D Warm weather is nice, but... >.<" What is summer like in Canada?

    Christmas must be so much more picturesque with snow. *looks into the distance wistfully*
    What I was about to say was entirely uncalled for (or perhaps, rather, it had the potential to become destructively misinterpreted) so i decided not to post it.

    I will attempt to relay the major point of it in this statement: I disagree.

    Again, sorry. (no, I didn't say it in this one, but I said it in the other one. Twice.)
    Is Gru a patriot? :P

    I think a lot of people on here like to challenge thoughts and theories, even if it's their own. It's good practice, but sometimes might get a bit annoying for some! Critical thinking, methinks.

    Mm, Australia's kind of in a similar situation - in Afghanistan, not in Iraq. I guess it'd be worse for you because you're in a closer physical proximity to America. At least you can mention it in your circle of friends... Some of my friends just don't care! :P

    I think our views on forced freedom are quite similar :)
    Your views on the Iraq war were expressed quite simplistically though, a little dangerous seeing that the war is quite complicated... And plus, I think the Taliban is from Afghanistan. They WERE the government before NATO came in, if I remember correctly. However, I -do- get your general gist, and agree with the fact that liberation against ones wishes will never work (if that was what you were trying to get across at all :P)
    Are you in Canada? Must be fun! And cold... SNOW!

    I saw Hallo being used in Winnie-the-Pooh, so it must be good. Then again, you might hate Winnie-the-Pooh. I hope you don't! Nice profile pic, btw :P

    ...and wow. your post count has grown a lot in a very short time. *looks at own post count, shaking head*
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