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  • not using the @user, not quoting, and hybrid view shows it as a response to the OP, not Adaire. I didn't read it as a response to Adaire.
    You refering to the thread where RB knocked the new mods?
    Not what was said but who it's coming from then.
    I don't know if others are experiencing this, but the section detailing "top 5 stats, latest threads & posts" hasn't been loading for me for the last few days (just says "loading..."). Was unsure if this was a known technical bug.
    Stop sanitizing the forum, let QuickTwist stick up for himself, if I'm being dismissive then he should call me out on it, stand his ground, make his point and be ready to defend it.

    I respect that you're keeping the peace, keeping people happy, but there comes a time when Rome needs to burn to cast out the lepers and clear out the slums.
    Haha, thanks Hado. I don't know how to be brief - I seem to be very non-scientific in that respect...

    Btw, I would say the same about your posts - I always enjoy reading them.

    I am drawn to it because I cannot create it myself. I really want to have transcendent experiences because of the emotion and beauty. But the only times that has happened was when I saw art and computer animation and listening to music. I am so sad that my mind in empty and I cannot create stuff in there or see it. So I just remember how I felt before and take my collections and put them together. I have thousands of pictures, lots of music videos on youtube. But it's not enough because it's not a living jewel. The Animatrix has animation I like. I hope virtual reality can be like that someday. Life seems so dull.

    Yes I know I was being out of line there. But is it so bad to react strongly to repugnant opinions? I feel the only times people listen to me on these issues is when I show my anger. Anyway I think this might be my last post in a while, I'm aware that I'm being toxic lately and I'm taking a break for that reason
    Ok the first two fair enough, calling people stupid is an ad homineum but using heuristics to solve moral dilemmas is objectively stupid, I gave that example about alleyways to demonstrate this, calling something stupid isn't an ad homineum if doing it actually is stupid.

    I will refrain from posting in that thread until we can come to some sort of understanding on what is and isn't fair game because otherwise I'm just going to get myself in trouble for what I see as calling a spade a spade.
    this guy continuously perved at me at the gym and one time when it was just me and him he came over to me while i was squatting and grabbed my ass!!!! i was so shocked i lost form and broke my back!!!!!!!!! now im in a wheelchair!!!!!!
    your avatar is... unsettlingly graphic, it seems to offend me at a very deep and primal level :/
    Aw man I always miss the fun around here, it's like you all just wait for the loser INFJ to get out before doing anything interesting.
    Why is there always some intp on here who thinks it is cool to have bieber or Selena Gomez or someone along those lines as a kind of ironic statement I wonder.
    I'd like to read a story about an angel and devil in a tabletop RPG world tasked by the gods to travel around dealing with people who have found exploits in the world's rules, protecting the stupid gold based economy (which they bitch about endlessly) preventing industrialization by savy wizards, stopping dhampirs exploiting the negative energy damage from anatomy dolls, etc. In fact this would make a great anime, reality checking game logic while preventing the wacky villain of the week from conquering the world.

    The reoccurring villain is Mr Welch.
    I've read the first page and half of the second, very interesting.

    Your latest avatar is especially heinous.
    No worries ^.^
    I at first thought the game had not yet started and blindly posted, but after reading the thread the contrary became clear, with Blar's abdication still in limbo.
    I had ENTP lingering in my mind for a while, but now that I think about it, it all makes sense.

    In fact, those things I mentioned about you being more open all seem to come together when realising you may be a true ENTP.
    I thought you'd say that after I posted. There's more activity on the forum, so there's probably some things irl being slightly neglected.

    Influential isn't actually the right word either, of which I was avoiding. You don't seem controlling or jerky, though that may be the personal way I'm reading your stuff. Since that last mafia game, you seem a little more open about yourself, and also open to other people's thoughts and POV's.

    But then, that could be just my perception of what I'm reading as I'm comparing it to the earlier hado with a shirtless guy covered in blood and butchering something on a workbench as an avatar. I don't remember reading much of his stuff though.
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