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"Hado parked his horse in stable. Levi was stnading with his arms fold sexy. "You are late you little brat." Very intimidating. Hado thought to him "wow it's humanitie's nicest butt and I love his e-boy hair, I thought I only liked girl's like Eren'solder sister who is my crush what is happenign to me." "S-sorry Heichou plz don't beat me up like you did Eren" but secretely for som reason Hado was hoping he would
Levi looked suspissiously at him because he was blush
"Brat r u thinking abut my butt" he said sexily. "n-no heichou" hado squealed then levi grabbed his butt and put him in an arm lock, and tie him up. He carried him to dunjeon where Eren's older sister was also tie up
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