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  • No worries ^.^
    I at first thought the game had not yet started and blindly posted, but after reading the thread the contrary became clear, with Blar's abdication still in limbo.
    I had ENTP lingering in my mind for a while, but now that I think about it, it all makes sense.

    In fact, those things I mentioned about you being more open all seem to come together when realising you may be a true ENTP.
    I thought you'd say that after I posted. There's more activity on the forum, so there's probably some things irl being slightly neglected.

    Influential isn't actually the right word either, of which I was avoiding. You don't seem controlling or jerky, though that may be the personal way I'm reading your stuff. Since that last mafia game, you seem a little more open about yourself, and also open to other people's thoughts and POV's.

    But then, that could be just my perception of what I'm reading as I'm comparing it to the earlier hado with a shirtless guy covered in blood and butchering something on a workbench as an avatar. I don't remember reading much of his stuff though.
    If it was even greater hypervigilance, he'd have taken a ban earlier. The moderation is already quite sensitive and active. Given the context of his ad homs i would consider them empty formalities at most. He insults people when they repeatedly refuse to engage in logic or as the exchange itself escalates into mutual dirt tossing. Sometimes it's not even insults but simply factual descriptions of his opponents, rendered perfectly relevant by their own refusal to discuss the matter at hand.

    Whatever. I'm not interested in spoiling my reputation over this crap anymore. Besides, i know that if you hadn't been forced to collaborate with certain others, you wouldn't have made these poor moderation decisions, nor would you be defending them right now of course.
    No, of course perceptual deficits may allow for inconsistent hypervigilance. For example one may be unable to perceive forks yet hypervigilant when it comes to red balls. Then it is a question of both inconsistent and hypervigilant self-protection measures.

    Hypervigilance is not "perfect vigilance" + more, it's simply exaggerated vigilance in some regard. At least that's my take. But i wonder how this level of detail is relevant, considering that the point was already clear.
    Yeah it probably warrants its own thread. My memory isn't serving me well at the moment as I thought we did have a thread on it. The issue of handouts and how it damages development I know we haven't talked about before.

    Thanks though. I'll look into it.
    Ah, thanks. This is my first forum, and I am still fairly new, so I apologize for any inconveniences that has created. I'll try experimenting with it the next time I post. Thanks for letting me know. :)
    Zero-K seems a lot like Supreme Commander Forged Alliance Forever, or SupCom FAF for short. I've been playing a lot of this game and it's still being developed by fans after the original project was cancelled.

    I'll look into it and thanks for the info. That's very impressive that you've managed to get to the top percentile in so many different games.
    I played some age II and sc, age of kings/conquerors is very well made, wall nerf means they have less hp or cost more resources?

    I've heard of the african kingdoms expansion. Good to see the game is still alive.

    I think the rts strat/logic potential is much better in the more casual, lower elo brackets, where one can experiment and play around for fun, rather than struggle to survive/be forced to compete.
    Yeah Daniel Negreanu and Tom Dwan are my favorite. The others are interesting like you say. It is interesting how diverse the group is when you look at it.
    Well, sure, the bullshitters do... for reasons you've said. ;) But at core, catch the self-confident ones in a situation they can't manage for a prolonged period of time, and suddenly they revert to whiny snot-nosed kids...

    In other news: In a world full of assholes, use lots of bleach.
    I'm not sure anyone ever feels grown up. I guess some pretend or fool themselves into wearing it convincingly, but I figure if it didn't happen for me yet, it never will... the years increment endlessly, but knowledge and experience is ever accumulating.
    lol.... Maybe I'll make the name prissier, but that would be pretty funny if he had a full name.
    Oh, I'm trying to pick a dog name. At first I thought "Cerberus" but that's probably too badass and I need to make it an annoying name that will piss off everyone else in the group especially when she picks up and baby-talks her dog. So I have my list down to the following (red ones are the leading possibilities):

    ... I'm looking for a high pretension factor here...
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