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  • "I'm open with just about everything, with anyone who'll stop to listen, so long as they're within my comfort zone. This is particularly evident of late with my current obsession of self identity and definition. I'm actually thinking about taking steps to shut myself up, just so that I can say I hold something in reserve."

    Where have you sprung from?!

    Also, I just noticed you're Aussie too. Maybe that's it.

    Should note that was me up to about a year ago. Now I'm like one of those tubes with liquidy gel in them that bulge out in weird places when you squeeze them - overly gut-spilling some places, Clam Central others. So have hope: you, too, can be lumpy and misshapen.
    Yes, via quizlet you can do that. Create a set on your computer, save it to quizlet, download it on your phone.
    haha :p well yes things are relative it seems : D Don't worry I won't be holding you to too high standards =p
    Well .. yes and no haha.. Girls tend to like my appearance, but my attitude is no good. It has often happened that I don't notice the girls who likes me until two years after , then it hits me ''hey she actually liked me...' So haha I myself am not an overly popular person with the ladies as I am way too private and don't notice them often.. stuck in my own head I guess =p but hopefully that will change soon:elephant:
    Nice post in life hacks thread. As for the phone, I got an iphone and the flashcard app is called ace flashcards. It works really well. I am sure other phones have their own respective flashcard apps, too. There is also a website called quizlet from which you can download and create card sets.
    I feel it is important for me to post another visitor message :)
    This is just another applause to your way of thinking. (thinking of your new thread concerning behavior) . What I think I want to say is that you really must keep up this style, as I think this style(indirectly you) is very important to this forum and the debates. To me it seems like a more feet-on-the-ground way of regarding life and actions, and we can really use that at times in here..
    anyway good job :) , you have atm only impressed me :)
    Aww! :D

    Yeah, I agree with having to let go. Thinking that way only really works in my head. Outside you seem to be better received if you have really strong opinions with a smidgeon of backing.

    Also noticed your mirror-imaged avatar. Do you use a mac?
    "I guess it hits a note with me when people shut down trains of thought with rhetoric and social clout rather than logic. "

    Aaaargh! This is one of those moments where somebody else encapsulates perfectly a deeply-held principle of mine in a tight little package bulging with meaning and leaves me melted in a puddle of happiness. Yay! :D

    Although as always one must refrain from sticking to this principle too deeply lest it keep you from other truths. It's very tiring and frankly, annoying. Plus it fosters arrogance, a confidence in one's ability to detect bullshit that is perhaps misplaced, leaving one forced to resign oneself to a state of eternal doubt and tip-toeing around the remotest hint of conviction in order to avoid errors. (Or maybe that's just me.)

    Anyway, liked it. Thumbs up.
    Hey I see you are rather new on this forum , so here is a welcome visitor message :)
    From what I have seen of your two replies in the 'green eyes = INT ' thread, then I think it is very good you decide to keep such an open mind.. or rather decide to go every step in an analysis to make sure that no mistakes are being made.
    Anyway keep up the good work, I hope to see more from you :)
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